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Thread: Analog gauges problem (Help needed)

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    Analog gauges problem (Help needed)

    I all,

    I´m making a mod with only two car by now, CRX and CIVIC 1.6i-VT but i´m with some prob in CRX.

    If i go to practice OFFLINE theres no problem and needles from dash work correctly as you ca see,

    Attachment 262

    But if i go to race weekend they simply disappear even with rfactor original cars

    Attachment 263

    Anybody knows why?

    There's cockpit.ini config,

    // Tachometer
    TachometerRange=(0, 9500, 203, 340)
    TachometerNeedle=(0.9, 0.9)

    // Speedometer
    SpeedometerRange=(0, 250, 203, 340)
    SpeedometerNeedle=(0.9, 0.9)

    // Fuel level
    FuelLevelRange=(0.0, 1.0, 230, 130)
    FuelLevelNeedle=(1.9, 0.9)
    FuelLevelCenter=(0.5, 0.5)

    // Water temperature
    WaterTempRange=(95, 320, 315, 70)
    WaterTempNeedle=(1.9, 0.9)
    WaterTempCenter=(0.5, 0.5)


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    First of all check material names onto which needles are rendered. I'm not sure, but it is possible that their names should be unique for each car model.

    Second thing is Z-fighting. Maybe needles are drawn under gauges background in some situations. Try to move needles a bit away from background.

    Third problem may be related to blending more materials placed each behind over. Try to disable some objects for testing purpose (for example glass)

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    MaXyM you´re right, i solve that yesterday. CRX had another gauges and i copied it from civic but didn't change the material... that was the trick, unique material for each car

    Hopefully now is working 100%

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