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Thread: Avoid material conflicts

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    Avoid material conflicts

    What are the best ways to avoid material conflicts in rfactor? Most time they result in mixed up textures. What are the best methods to avoid such conflicts?

    I read this post here:

    I read something about changing the SearchPath in the gen files. But I didn't understand the part well.

    Could this be a alternative to changing all double material names?

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    I believe the material name itself is how rFactor references materials. So no matter where they come from, once they're loaded you'll end up a single material for any given name - hence problems when different objects try to use the same material name. So the short answer would be no. This is only what I've gathered, though; can't actually speak from experience.

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    Yes, both material name and texture name as well, I believe. If, in your mod directory you have grass.jpg and grass.tga, and they're supposed to be two different grass textures, rF will take the first one it sees and apply it to every texture that has "grass" as the 'prefix'. In general, make sure the material names are all unique for different materials (i.e. the multi/sub-materials in 3DSMax).

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    I hope ISI can give me a specific answer. rFactor crashs very often when we race on our server or with AI. I have to solve this problem very fast, otherwise people get angry

    What I have to do, just make sure all material names are unique (beside from mirror und WC (wildcards), or have I to make sure that also all texture names are unique (would be a immense work)?

    Thanks for everything.

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