207 Race With Orginal Isi Tracks Wednesday Fun Races

Mod: 207 super 2000 1.10 megaupload.com VA8HEPA7


Orginal isi tracks that comes with rfactor full install 1 GB file
Can be downloaded with texture update [Tracks looks better]

Part 1 megaupload.com O6H8QZP0

Part 2 megaupload.com EP8CNHEK

Race Distance: 15 Minutes,Damage 75%,Flag rules Black only,Mech failure normal,Standing start
Aids Allowed are: Clutch Assistance, Traction Control (off), Anti-Lock Brakes (off),Tyre wear (2x) , Fuel (2x)

CET Time Same Time as Race Clock show on site Race every Wednesday !

Wednesday Fun Races, 17:25CET: Server open practice
Wednesday Fun Races, 17:40 CET: Qualifying No Parc Ferme !
Wednesday Fun Races, 17:55 CET: Warmup
Wednesday Fun Races, 18:00 CET: Race Start 15 min
Grid reverse Race 2 15 Min

Calendar Wednesday Fun Races

1 Race Sunday, 17/8-2011 Orginal Isi Track Wednesday Fun Races
And continue so long we have fun and it is many on the server 3 we do Wednesday Fun Races

No pw on server for this races no points just fun

Just join server when it is time for race