Connection Info

Race and TeamSpeak3 Server

Race / TS3 hostname:
● Or connect to DeltaSimRacing in the rFactor Server List

Current IP:
● Subject to change, check message board on race day if you prefer to connect via IP.

TS3 P/W: delta
● TeamSpeak is encouraged but not required.

Terrain.tdf Mismatch
● In the event you have this error,
you can find the original file HERE.

Race Info

Practice Opens: 8:00 PM
Racing Starts: 9:00 PM
● Times are EST (GMT -5:00) / EDT (GMT -4:00)

Race Settings
● Virtual Start Time: 1:00 PM
● Time Scale: X3
● Weather: Sunny
● Type of Start: Rolling
● Damage Multiplier: 75%
● Flag Rules: Full
● Fuel Usage: X2
● Tire Wear: X2
● Mech. Failures: Normal
● Fixed Setup: No
● Fixed Upgrades: Yes
● Pit Speed Limit: None (do not pass the pace car or on track leader if pitting under yellow)

Driving Aids
● Invulnerability: Disallowed
● Steering Help: Disallowed
● Braking Help: Disallowed
● Opposite Lock: Disallowed
● Spin Recovery: Disallowed
● Auto Pit Lane: Disallowed
● Stability Control: Allowed
● Anti-Lock Brakes: Allowed
● Traction Control: Allowed
● Auto Shifting: Allowed
● Auto Clutch: Allowed
● Forced Driving View: None

Must Haves
rFactor v1.255g

Stock Car Legends v1.XX mod

ALL DSR member car files


Basic Rules -
1. Catch up to/keep pace with the pace car
2. When the green drops, go as fast as you want, do not pass to the inside before the s/f line
3. When the yellow flies, goto rule #1 (race back to the line)
4. If pitting under yellow, do not pass the pace car or on track leader (hold your position, avoid other pit stalls)
5. First car to the checkered flag wins

If you would like to join for the season, a race or just for testing/practice, please make sure to check the entry list for an available number/ride
If you would like to use a custom ride, contact myself or Trae00 at to add your ride to the entry list
Drivers of all skill and experience levels are welcomed
Flaming and intentional wrecking are not tolerated (DbaD)

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