Sooo, the day has finally come, I got a new job in a factory making steel laser cuts and foldings and stuff. Now it is on me to make the best out of it. To be honest, I didnt play rogue system for quite a long time and the last thing I catched was the new ship besides the one in the tutorial. So here are my questions:

a) Is the internal logic to boot up the ship compatible with the one from the tutorial? Because there is no comfortable way getting 4 consoles mounted on an office chair in a way it resembles the new seat. Also, there would be Center-of-Mass-problems once you get out of the chair.

b) Is there any progress in making an I/O interface? I really would like to make the switches/buttons light up to see the status. There would be a cheap and bulky way to do it without I/O of course but a real status communication would be so much nicer.

c) I already see the hardware limitations of an arduino, even with an IO expansion shield: there are 14 IO pins and even with matrixing them out there would be 49 channels, but I already counted 36 buttons, 4 4-mode switches, 3 3-mode switches and 2 2-mode switches on the left side only - so there would be 65 different input channels already on the left side only. Anybody having suggestions here? I guess the only "comfortable" way are shift registers. I'm open to any other ideas, but I really want to use an arduino instead of a keyboard emulator for all of this because of the oncoming I/O feature - even if this means Version 1 of the code emulates a keyboard. A code is faster replaced than all of the wiring. Also, for the bulky way to make all the switches light up, an arduino is a neccessity.

So yeah, that's it,for now. I'm still in theoretical planning phase but I'm really dedicated to make this happen. This is a great hobby project for basic electronics and programming.
I will provide any documentation/code needed for recreation to the community.

Have a nice weekend,


EDIT to c): Since I rather come from the metal-industry having a fable for electronics and spaceships but without real knowledge about electronics I struggle a little with the basics, but I found this tutorial and I already considered making a LED Cube using an arduino. So I consider this problem solved.