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Thread: monthly updates

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    monthly updates

    what happened to the monthly updates? I see that the latest update is from November....
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    As in, progress updates, or game patches?
    If the former, a lot of comments are being posted on the steam discussion boards now.
    If the latter, Michael got a little bogged down on the art side with new asset creation needed for the current planned set of EVA updates.

    Also, wasn't the last game update patch mid December?

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    I posted over at the Steam discussion boards that I've had to take outside work to help support myself. ISI has ceased funding since RogSys has not been selling the numbers that they'd hoped/expected it would. There's not much I can do there. Here's the thread in question:

    Sadly, this has slown down the update cycles a bit. And yes, as Naiba noted above, right now I'm in the middle of another art-intensive update (EVA suit and airlock section of Flying Fox); and these ALWAYS take longer, I'm afraid.

    I working to get the next update out ASAP. Thanks for your patience...
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