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Thread: Survival in RogSys

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    Survival in RogSys

    We already have a lot of clues that basic survival (eating, drinking, sleeping) will probably be a significant aspect of the game; the Fox has a galley & quarters, we've got tanks of 'consumables', air scrubbers are already a thing, and so on.

    On the one hand, RogSys "The Sim" absolutely needs all of this in order to present a realistic human spaceflight simulation; but what about RogSys "The Game"? How would you like or expect to see these systems implemented in a way that was interesting rather than tedious? And what about UI? Are there examples of games that solve the issue more elegantly than by floating a hunger bar in front of your face?

    Maybe it's too early to start worrying about it, but I'm curious about what other people think here.

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    Personally I've always enjoyed games with this added hardcore dimension.
    Getting the balance right is the key.

    We could have it simple, like printed food packs / bars / drink cartons.
    I guess we could have feeding tubes from our suits, so food cartridges could be liquid too.
    A mostly automated system prevents it becoming too tedious.
    Your body takes what it needs, just make sure you top up the cartridges.
    If one food pack has one days worth of nutrients then that keeps it simple.
    I'm not into hunger bars, I'd rather a red light to indicate I'm running low on food cartridges.

    I think it should take a long time before our characters suffered starvation effects, which could range from wobbling and blurred vision to reduced movement and blackouts. It is the lack of water that kills first, so it depends if that is monitored separately to food.

    In my mind this is a simple solution, and I never even mentioned recycling and waste.

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    I'm personally Ambivalent/against that level of siming (preferring to sim the machine)..
    Having said that, if you look at some of Mike's KS / pre-alpha vids, he has gone to some trouble to simulate pilot physical effects (from G, and temperature in particular) it seems within reason this could be added as well?

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    I think RogSys has the complexities where it matters most, so a simple hunger system would be a welcomed layer that enhances immersion.
    Yes, pilot effects and environmental effects should be modeled as much as possible.
    With RogSys I'd be happy with hunger being simulated in a simple fashion, more of a background layer. The ship, and all that entails, should be at the fore.

    If this is left out of the game, then I'd hope a modder would take it up.

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    I'm in favor of a simple hunger system, the only "complex" thing wold be to remember to resupply
    And as very well said by Ironwolf, make "starvation dead" a very long process.
    I apologize in advance for any grammatical error or misuse of words, unfortunately my english is not good, but I've been working to improve it. Thank you all.

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    The Core Module doesn't call for anything other than ship atmosphere, G effects and other combat related damages to affect the crew's survivability; but the Maverick expansion absolutely does. Something I always missed from other sims was that the pilot and his/her reactions were often overlooked, or at best minimized to the point of insignificance. In fact, the pilot is at LEAST as important as the ship; and so it is one of my design goals to address that (I certainly don't HAVE to simulate each breath of each crew member ).

    All that said, I never really intended anything like a crafting or cooking system for RogSys. I'm of the mindset that most of RogSys' audience doesn't want anything like this either--I've not heard otherwise to this point. So for now, I certainly feel that the mechanic for something like eating and drinking should be rather straight-forward. For example, I could see something like a need to purchase "rations" when you go to resupply; and they get auto-consumed as needed. It would be when they run out and dehydration/starvation begin that you would start to notice the effects to your avatar.

    Of course, still a ways off; so feel free to continue to toss around ideas for this sort of thing. I'll never turn my nose up to incorporating a good idea from you all
    "There is no spoon..."

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    Cool, that's kind of what I was hoping to hear; obviously the ship systems are the main thing, and I don't think any of us are looking for another survival/crafting game, but as a dude who always unsafes his seat & floats over to the galley before getting up for a beer IRL, I'd hate to see the pilot go totally neglected.

    I like Ironwolf's ration pack & feeding tube idea; it makes practical sense and it could make the eating/drinking mechanics pretty similar to how the air scrubbers work now. It also avoids the "hunger bar" issue, since a little indicator on the ration pack would be a believable & unintrusive UI solution.

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