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Thread: Multiple Display Setups

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    Multiple Display Setups

    Does Rogue System support 3-display setups? The in-game options only seem to detect my primary monitor. I poked around the game files to see if I could set a resolution manually, but didn't see anything.

    Playing on a single monitor is fine, but I thought I'd check to make sure I'm not missing something.

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    Today I'm using a single monitor set, but until two months ago I was using a setup of 3x 1280x1024 monitor without any problem (they were set as one monitor on Nvidia surround).

    EDIT: You can manually set your resolution through the GameStates.ROG file, it's located on:

    C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\RogueSystemSim\SaveGames\TestGa me\GameStates.ROG
    I apologize in advance for any grammatical error or misuse of words, unfortunately my english is not good, but I've been working to improve it. Thank you all.

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    Thanks, manually setting the resolution in GameStates.ROG worked.

    I'm loving this game & it's even more badass across 3 monitors; might have to finally invest in TrackIR now....

    Anyway, thanks again, I appreciate your help!

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    do it!

    ...its the only "hmm I'm not sure I'll ever really use it" purchase I've ever made that has MASSIVELY exceeded my expectations.
    Have had one for years now, and couldn't play any Sim without.

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