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Thread: introduction and modding place question

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    introduction and modding place question

    Hi all,

    Just a quick intro post and a single question about modding.

    I'm definitely looking into start writing something for RS. I have a vast experience in modding and recently I have a couple of assignments involving space sims. I've found RS the best fit and I'm actually impressed by Michael's work. I will eventually start writing some more posts here and there until I get up to speed and I hope I can be of help for everyone too.

    Now the question, is modding on RS going to be discussed in Steam or ISI forums? I understand mods would be published as part of Steam's workshop but I don't think the discussions platform is Steam is a good place to share knowledge or tease things.

    So, if I should chose ISI forums or Steam discussions to start working on modding RS, which one is the best to go for?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS: Congrats, I'm really amazed how far you got this project going on your own. I definitely backed a special license and I'll gift some more soon.

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    Hello, and welcome

    I would say, for now, the best place for SERIOUS mod discussion would be these forums. I expect as RogSys develops further, and more people become involved, the Steam discussion forum may take over naturally. For now though, you are in the correct place

    Thanks for the kind words!
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    By the way, I think I can help you to get some speed

    Don't hesitate !

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    Indeed, no doubt I'll ask, but for now let me digest the forum first hehe

    thank you!

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