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Thread: Display Problems

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    Question Display Problems

    Attachment 21027 I have some trouble with my Display it is enable but i can`t see anything ?
    The lines for docking are there and all the other lines too. But i can`t see any stars or planets or the station ?
    And if im try to change my POV with F2 or F3 the game crash and i can`t get back to F1. :/
    Has anyone the same problem or a solucion ?

    Thank and sorry for my bad english ^^

    Infos: Steam early acces Version 2.0
    Intel GPU 4 Gb
    Intel HD Graphics 520
    Intel Core i5
    4 GB RAM
    Windows 10
    Surface Pro 4

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    Hi NEfaroxx,
    Unfortunately Intel Integrated graphics are not supported (yet) in this game...there are associated shader issues I believe...I'll try to find the relevant FAQ.

    *edit* here is relevant bit off system requirements :

    Graphics: 1GB Nvidia or AMD, supporting at least OpenGL 4.0. Latest drivers for either are absolutely required. WARNING: Intel HD Graphics are currently NOT supported.

    If you search the forums for "intel" you'll see several people with the same those threads Micahel has said it is a shader problem, that he plans to fix but is not sure when he'll get the time yet.

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