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Thread: audio appreciation

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    audio appreciation


    i'm playing this "game" since February this year. Every time a launch the game I take a breath and listen to the main menu soundtrack. It's great, it prepares me for my long and dangerous experience in space, till I'm ready to be alone in the darkness. Forced to never make a mistake or i'm about to die.

    Then I'm faced with those subtile low-frequency tones in "my" ship. This sound is the most dynamic i've ever experienced in a space game. IMO much better then audio in "Elite Dangerous". And Frontier got an award for best audio, if I remember right. At least the where nominated.

    Thanks to the person who made this audio experience available to me. ;-)

    My setup:

    Amplifier: Kenwood-Ka6100
    Speakers: Linn Keilidh

    I can't imagine how cool this could sound on headphones because I don't have any.

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    I agree...
    Michael Manning (the sound guy) is a straight up genius.
    Hope he can do the rest of the project!

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    I agree too, the soundscape is exceptional. Thank-you Michael Manning.
    On my surround sound headphones RogSys is awesome.

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    Thank you very much for the kind words! This has been an enormously fun project to work on
    Sound Designer / Composer for Rogue System.

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