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Thread: Usefullness of leadwerks for early moding?

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    Usefullness of leadwerks for early moding?

    Michael, do you think Leadwerks could be usefull for early moding?

    Could I generate and explore graphicaly the equivalent of "Archelion_SV_46_II.rog" ? assembling a ship by hand is, at the moment, quite painful

    I ask this because it was in sale (that ended in 2 hours) and bought it (for 20€, so quite cheap). Before using it (and losing my refund option ), I would like to know what I could manage with leadwerks and the files we have in the release.

    Oh, and if, "by mistake", you re-add somewhere the old graphical files of the fire arc (in a future update), I'm pretty sure I could hack something to make some people happy. (of course, you're absolutely free to do whatever you want, just a fun demand). Or maybe the old release ar still avaliable somewhere?

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    The leadwerks editor would make it a bit easier to get art into the proper format (and now you can use Leadwerks materials created in the editor, too). But, you'd still have to put the ship's data file together by hand.

    I've had some offers from people to work on some tools; but so far nothing has panned out...
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    What I could try to do is hack together a "xml editor" <-> xml <-> lua toolchain, do you think that may help? No garantee to do anything remotely usable (or anything at all), but first,I want to do if you think that could be usefull to modders.

    I think it would then be easier to add the possible tags/child to each level.

    What do you think? (The lua<-> xml already exists, as does the xml editors/visualizatons)

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