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Thread: Startup Appcrash

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    Exclamation Startup Appcrash

    While starting for the first time after the last update I got an appcrash.
    I am using the Steam version, specs are in the attached RAR file (the dxdiag was too big to be uploaded somehow).
    I think it is caused by the plugged in Steam controller usb-dongle (without any controllers attached) but I donīt know for sure.
    Also attached are the two logfiles from the AppData/Local folder.

    Would really like to play again, the changelogs sound nice

    Edit: without the dongle it crashes the same way

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    Hello. Sorry you're having a bit of trouble. If you would, please navigate to your RogSys savegame folder, and open GameStates.ROG with notepad. It should be located in:


    look for:

    ignore_HIDjoysticks = 0,

    and change it to:

    ignore_HIDjoysticks = 1,

    and then save. That SHOULD get you up and running again. Let me know how you get on.
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