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Thread: rFactor 2 Forums Moved

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    rFactor 2 Forums Moved

    New location:

    This news forum and some other things will be changed when posted somewhere by Studio 397.

    Most direct forum URLs here should automatically direct you there... Should be as painless as possible. We apologize for any disruption.

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    How do I move my Tapatalk client? Tried to search for studio 397 but no luck...

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    I think Tapatalk only works with vbulletin forums, and the new one is something different.

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    It works with xenforo forum too. But the IT guys need to install Tapatalk scripts first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigy View Post
    It works with xenforo forum too. But the IT guys need to install Tapatalk scripts first.
    I confirm it. Our racing website also runs with xenforo and run Tapatalk with the only problem of likes not working.

    If there is some problem with Tapatalk I can contact its technical director which lives close to me and is a sinracer as well

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    Im totally confused by this, yes I know Im stupid but please clarify.

    Where do I post? Here or at 397? Are these different forums?If 397 has bought RF2 why ISI still has a forum abought it?

    And the big question is: Why Tim Wheatley is everywhere

    Happy and healthy New Year Tim and all you people.

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