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Thread: Upgrading to 144hz. Will I notice a difference in rfactor 2 ?

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    Upgrading to 144hz. Will I notice a difference in rfactor 2 ?

    I am considering upgrading my monitor and video card to run 144hz. I really can't tell how serious a video card I need, because I can't tell where rFactor falls in the spectrum of hard core video games. Nobody references rF2 when quoting how many fps they get in those forums.


    1) Will I notice a difference going from an Dell ultra sharp and a Radeon HD 7800 series card ?

    2) If I want to move up to a 144hz screen, what level of graphics cars would be needed ?

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    On a single monitor at 1080p, running the highest settings you'd probably need a 780-equivalent (and higher) or Titan.

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    Does rF2 run better with an nVidea or Radeon based card ?

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    I changed from a 60 to 144 hz monitor and from a HD 5070 to AMD r280 3gb and it changed my game. If l drive my bro in laws 760 and 60 hz now l get a dizzy sort of feeling from what seems like stutters but isn't. Its hard to explain but very evident.. Mine hardly ever goes below 80 fps.with max to high settings except reflections on low.. You certainly won't regret it and my card isn't high end compared to what's available.

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    144hz monitor doesn't mean you have to have 144 fps locked. I run my screens at 144hz but 120 fps capped.
    The difference between 60 fps and 120 fps is quite visible when you are not used to it. Everything seems more fluid, with life like movement. Don't know how to explain it.

    I would recommend at least a used GTX 780 or new 970/980. My GTX 780 drives three screens at 100+ fps in multiview although not with full settings.

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