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Thread: 2D radar

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    If you need some fixed frame of reference to use (either up front, or in datalink between wingmates) it's a solved problem, I should note. While such a system probably wouldn't want to transmit absolute coordinates around, there's no reason a bullseye system couldn't be used, in which case the vectors communicated would be relative to a fixed, prearranged vector.

    It's slow and cumbersome to a newbie, sure, but it's accurate and apparently (if you use it enough) not that difficult. Pilots manage to use it in combat, so it couldn't be that bad. MJ might actually have hands-on experience /w such a concept, I should note. Not to mention you'll probably have a computer doing the scutwork for you (since if you don't, you probably also don't have sensors, comms, and maneuverability either)
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    Just found this video, wanted to share.
    It's sort of the ultimate 360° radar system

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