Hello drivers.

SimRacing League organizes a F1 championship on the LMT 2010 mod. 2010 was a good year for Formula One with 5 drivers fighting for the crown until the end. After 2 previous F1 championships we decided to choose this competitive season and mod that will give pleasure to the begginers and experts in the same time.

In the schedule, a test race the FRIDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 2016, then 10 official races until Frebruary 2017.

Our league is first of all a meeting of players who respect each other on the track, as outside. No chance to see ass rammers and corner cutters like you can see on F1 games by Codemasters on our league. Your driving skills level dosen't matter much, as long as you want to share with us the passion of motorsport and want to fight against other drivers on track, in a friendly ambiance, then do not hesitate anymore, this championship is made for you !

In your forum, you can find any kind of informations related to enjoy as much as possible your passion. Open and free to anyone, feel free to register and drive the seat of your choice.

Site : http://srleague.forumactif.org/

Youtube trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62-Dn-3sudA

Why to join us ?

- 4 admins to make sure everything is perfect for your pleasure and your own experience with us. Questions got immediatly answered with 4 guys who can answer you.
- 2 other F1 championships as experience. We are not begginers. Our staff has 2 F1 others championship to manage and one Blancplain series. You don't land somewhere where people don't know what they are doing.
- A great 2010 competitive mod. Our mod gives a good simulation feeling. You can't feel on rails, improve the car setup and master the car.
- The ambiance. We like pure racing and simulation but we don't pretend to be real F1 drivers. That means we are still in a friendly ambiance. There is for sure some competition as we fight each other on the track, but we are not in a "win by all the means" mentality.
- Drivers from any level. As in the real life, some drivers fight for wins and championships, some fight just for points. No matter what your level is, there will always be someone else to fight with.

Feel free to download our mod and test it in our server.

If you are interested to take part to the championship, don't hesitate to book the seat of your choice.

For further informations, do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer you as soon as possible. We would love to see you with us. Be part of SimRacing League and make our championship epic.

Friendly, DromEd.