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Thread: 30 fps constant

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    30 fps constant

    I wonder if there is a way to fix rfactor2 at 30 fps?

    I can do it with assetto corsa and i found the game more fluid i would like to do it with Rfactor2.

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    I recommend a min of 60 fps for rF2. Use "ctrl f" to view your fps ingame.

    But if you really want to: in the player.json file you'll find this:

    "Max Framerate":0, ==> change the 0 to 30
    "Max Framerate#":"0 to disable (note: positive numbers only, we always use the 'alternate' method now)",

    BTW: What works in one game doesn't mean it works in every other game.

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    Ok, it works thanks.

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    yes 60fps and vsync on is far more fluid than 3

    0fps, but i guess if you have a slow machine then 30 is better than 20

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