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Thread: Joystick support - ST200

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    Joystick support - ST200

    I use a PCLine ST200 Joystick. It worked OK with the RF2 demo, so I bought the game.
    Now I can't configure the ST200, and the game says "No matching controller file
    found". Is there a fix for this ?
    Alternatively, is there a list of Joysticks that DO work ?

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    You won't find a controller file for it, and there isn't a list of joysticks, because it's a driving simulation.

    However, being that a joystick has axes and buttons the same as a wheel does, it should be possible to configure it manually by selecting the appropriate controls in Settings -> Controls and moving the stick as needed. As long as it works in the windows controller properties (and it very likely does, if you used it for the demo) it should be fine.

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