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Thread: Rectilinear panorama screenshots

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    Cool Rectilinear panorama screenshots

    I realized that the cockpit of the Flying Fox is simply too awesome to be properly captured by mere flat screenshots and what I really need is a full 360o rectilinear panorama that I can tinker with the EXIF data in and get Google to recognize as a photosphere, letting a viewer look around in the cockpit just as I could when it was taken.

    What? I'm a geek, okay?

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    Something like Ansel (NVidia user) would be awesome! I'm guessing that depends on the 3D engine.

    Post your solution if you manage!
    Testing rig: 2150*1080 / GTX 760 with 2Go onboard / RAM 8Go / Windows 10 / Saitek X-55 HOTAS / No TrackIR or VR

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