Right now, all we get is range and closure rate of the combined vector. You can have a 0m/s closure yet still be whipping around the target in an arc. Showing the vector components individually would be stupid helpful for maneuvering. Right now all we can do is "point the thing at the thing" - which, while it works, is crude and relies on the pilot having internalized orbital mechanics OR spending too much time thinking about where to stick their prograde marker.

What I'd love to see is a little table showing the X/Y/Z range and closure information, and perhaps pitch and yaw angles (and angular velocity!) on the sensor page when a target is locked - perhaps on a sub-page. Perhaps even do something similar to the external docking VMS mode?

... I'd also love to see angular velocity represented on the VMS while docking, come to think of it. This would be especially handy when trying to fly without pitch/roll/yaw stabilization, since you could more effectively null out your relative rotations.