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Thread: Missions/tutorials text box size

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    Missions/tutorials text box size


    So a fellow and I are translating some tutorial missions, and we both found a small problem: sometimes the text doesn't fit in the blue box used as the background in which to place the text. Some messages can be shorteded, but some others simply cannot, and the last line of text out of the text box doesn't look very nice.
    I tried changing some value, such as the "message_LENGTH", but no luck. We would need to make the box a bit bigger to fit, at least, one additional text line.

    Is it a parameter I can change somewhere? Or is it maybe a picture I could enlarge with a photo editor?

    Thank you.

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    This is a known issue. I'll add something to support translations (probably just make the message box auto-size to fit the text)
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    Ah, ok then no need to worry about that. Not by far an important thing, we can live with it (and for very long )

    Thank you!

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