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Thread: Game captures mouse cursor on multimonitor system

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    Game captures mouse cursor on multimonitor system


    I play Rogue System on a multi monitor system, and run it in a borderless window on one monitor, using the other for things like displaying my checklists and the like. It's hard to do this currently, because the game will capture the mouse cursor, so I can't use the mouse in other apps on the other monitor. When I'm in SAN, the game releases the mouse cursor and I can do things in other apps, but only until the SAN timer finishes counting down.

    Tabbing out to other apps lets me use the keyboard with them, but the game retains the mouse.

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    You can get out of mouse look mode with a button press. Not sure if KB+ is the default button or if I changed it...

    Check Controls - Camera Control - Mode - Override Mouse Look

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    I have a multi-monitor setup myself for work, so I made sure this could be done As weissbrot mentions, by default you can press KB+ to unlock the mouse. Once done, just focus back on RogSys and then press KB+ again. Of course, you can change the binding to whatever you want.

    Eventually, I'll simply detect when RogSys loses focus and release the mouse. This works for now though...
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    Sweet! That makes things much nicer!

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