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Thread: [] Game freeze after undocking

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    [] Game freeze after undocking

    I've just had a surprising freeze while taking the ship out for a little stroll, and I'm reporting the exact sequence of action that I took, before I forget something.

    Loaded the sandbox mission and started up the ship as normal.
    Set both departure and localizer frequency as instructed, put the display in docking mode, and waited for the undock.
    Once separated, I thrusted away for a few seconds up to a relative speed of ~2.5 m/s on the z axis.
    While gaining distance, just to kill the time I matched attitude and velocities with the docking port on the x/y axix (mostly misaligned with yaw).
    At 200m, received clearance to ignite the MTS so I switched on the superconductor, and while waiting for it to charge I went to the display page, switched to declutter mode, then to the forward view. Finally I moved to the comm page to clear the localizer...

    ...and just when I pressed the set/clear loc button, the game froze. I could still hear the proximity warning, but the rest was frozen, still video, no input response.
    Alt-tabbed successfully to the desktop (using borderless window mode), but no tabbing back to the game was possible. There was no crash and the application didn't go into (not responding) status. I had to terminate the process in the task manager.

    Will have to try and see if I can reproduce this. Anyone else experienced something similar?

    UPDATE: redid the sequence in the same way, everything went fine this time and I'm happily flying in background now. Odd.
    I'll be sure to update this if I get more freezes in the future.

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    This is a new one. I just tried to replicate this here 3 times, and each time there was no freeze using the steps you describe. If it happens again for you, please let me know.
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    I had a more in-depth look...

    There's a few lines In the Windows event log about the display driver stopping to respond around the time the freeze I'm leaning toward blaming the AMD drivers for now. Will have to check them out.

    Thanks for the quick response!

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