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Thread: Tutorial 2 problem: "Cycle MTS Boost Thrusters and..."

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    Tutorial 2 problem: "Cycle MTS Boost Thrusters and..."

    Hello people! I've been following development process since Kickstarter and finally grabbed Rogue System with Steam Early Access release. I admire complexity and fresh ideas of the game. Really great job, Micheal!

    And now, here's my problem: in Tutorial 2 I get this hint, that now I should cycle MTS Boost Thrusters and then command something to 0 percent (I can't remember text of this message exactly). Game is waiting for my move, but here's the thing: what i'm supposed to do exactly? I'm in front of the Campana station (within a distance of <0,1km) and keep stable distance. Ship has also no rotation (autopilot is working). I moved with Cold Gas and then with normal RCS, but tutorial still doesn't proceed and I'm stuck with this one message. Did I miss something?

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    What it being asked here is to advance the MTS booster throttle a bit, and then make sure it is all the way to zero. If you're using a keyboard, that would be - and = by default...

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    Hi, there's a bug with reading the throttle state... just move the throttle up a bit and back to 0, or use the keyboard to do it (+ and = ?), And it should progress.... there's another post around here with comments from the Dev on it too

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