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Thread: Want to get into modding ?

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    Question Want to get into modding ?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been following this game for a year now, and as a fellow (web) developer i've been playing arround with missions files since FireArc missions.
    I got some pretty results at the time, but the structure was at an early developement stage so I've waited a little before going deeper into it.

    After the last release, I've exchanged some PM's with MJ and decided to write a modding guide.
    Basicly, it is a reverse documentation : after reading the mission structure, I try to guess what is going on in Michael's mind and what should I expect if I put another value there.
    After that phase, I will try the mission in the game and it will either crash, or produce unexpected results, OR it will work as expected, meaning that I have actually guessed how this does work.

    Moreover, Michael is writing down some comments in tutorials and single missions which helps a lot

    If you did all the missions and tutorials and would like to create some missions yourself, feel free to get in touch with me (or come to Slack modding channel).

    It doesn't matter if you already started to create mods for RogSys or if you are just curious and never did that kind of things before.

    I hope that I will finish a first version of the modding guide this week-end.

    TL;TR : I know a little bit of modding with RogSys and would like to share it with others (every level of knowledge are welcome !).

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    If you need an idea for a mod:
    Try to do Jules Verne Voyage to the moon!
    Let us fly an early industrial rocket to the moon and back :-)

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