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Thread: What graphics card you have?

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    What graphics card you have?

    And what would be good for me? I want cheap-mid range card. Should be able to run RF2 without problems, as I've seen many people having problems with some cards.

    I want to run near full settings.

    please give some suggestions which cards do work without hiccups and get a good performance out of it.

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    You better define "cheap". In general, for a single-screen rF2 player, the minimum you'll want in the nVidia range is 970GTX or the equivalent AMD range. Make sure your motherboard supports the fast video bus & width (e.g. PCI-E 3.0x16 if I recall correctly). If you're not in a rush, the next generation of video cards should be here by the end of the year; that means sales on the current stuff and faster/better power usage with the new stuff. Hiccups are usually associated with multi-GPU systems.

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    GTX 970 maybe a bit overkill for his needs, especially if cost sensitive.

    Stobe84, what is your monitor resolution and refresh rate and do you have any intentions of upgrading to a higher resolution display in the near future? If it's 1920x1080, a GTX 970 is really over kill to get great performance out of rf2 on near max graphics.

    GTX 960 is a good deal cheaper (at least in the uk) and should give really great performance in rf2 at 1920x1080. But if you can afford the GTX 970, then all the better (allowing you to use for example externally applied/enabled SGSSAA to really sharpen up the image quality, etc).
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    A GTX 970 would even be enough for VR gaming, but we can forget that with rF2 now. Even a decent Nvidia 700 series or maybe even 600 series card will do at 1080p, rF2 graphic tech hasn't changed much the last few years. I have a GTX 660 and I wish it had a little more performance, but it's still very playable on default settings (rF2 wbsite lists GTX 760 as recommended). For AMD it's more difficult to say as many users here moved away due to issues with AMD & rF2 in 2013/2014. Today I would not expect much issues with AMD either.

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    I've got a GTX680 running a single screen at the moment. Looking at upgrading but waiting to see the first gen of VR tech cards before upgrading which should be significantly more powerful than cards designed to run a single @ 4k.
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    I have an AMD R 290 3gb. great card for the price and runs max/high settings at min.100 fps+ with large fields on heavy FPS track/car combos.

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    XFX Radeon R9 390 8GB GDDR 5 is cheaper then GTX 970 and runs rFactor2 with max settings single screen 1920x1080 locked 120fps. XFX Radeon R9 380 4GB GDDR 5 is fine too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stobe84 View Post
    And what would be good for me? I want cheap-mid range card. Should be able to run RF2 without problems

    I want to run near full settings.

    Need to be a mind reader without knowing what your other hardware specs and budget are.

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    ok so screen is 1920 x 1200 60hz.
    i5-4570 cpu 3.20 ghz
    3,46 gb usable ram

    My radeon can't run this sim at all. I have invisible textures with my HD5700. Have tried everything but can't get RF2 to work at all.
    I checked prices of the suggestions but I maybe have to buy some of those used.

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    Buy used if you have to. R9 390 or 380 (or equivalent from previous gen) are great and you won't need a new one for a while if keep that res
    Your RAM is a problem, you need 8gb. That's probably parf of the problems you have in rF2

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