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Thread: "You Think Driving An Indy Car Is Easy?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterchen View Post
    Exactly this. Happy that I was wrong for once....
    In that Jag video how did they reproduce the right engine revs and tyre scrub
    to match the pattern he drove.

    Pre-recorded maybe and loud enough to block outside sound. ?

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    Oh, I see. No, this has nothing to do with comparing physics (well except steering force numbers if ppl want) [emoji3]

    I like the sort of analogy used in the article of the braking effort over a race distance. Maybe someone will try that workout?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinelli View Post
    Oh, I see. No, this has nothing to do with comparing physics (well except steering force numbers if ppl want) [emoji3] .

    Which is a worthy point as it is a combination of gforce as well.

    You wouldn't last more then a few laps with a beer belly hey. lol

    It is like racers have had time off , they do endurance race and are more buggered.


    These simulators do not produce realistic g force yet do they ?

    I would love to see one could replicate a Top Fuel run.
    That pushes your eyeballs back in their sockets.


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    In 2009, Wirth Research designed the Acura(HPD) ARX-02A LMP1 car. It was a unique design for it's time but had several limitations.(chief being a rather small, for P1, 4L engine. But it also had extra wide rear tires mounted to the front wheels. At it's debut race, the car sat on Pole for the Sebring 12hrs. But how it got there was the story. The large fronts took longer to heat up, so running just one or two hot laps would not be sufficient to reach optimum temps. And, those wide suckers made the car very heavy through the steering wheel. Enter Scott Dixon, an Indycar driver who was used to driving non-power-steering cars in Champcar/Indycar. He manhandled the car for 10 laps and just squeezed in a pole winning hotlap at the very end of Qualifying. His co-drivers freely admitted he was much stronger than they were due to his long career wrestling a Champcar. While the car 'could' in theory, keep up with the diesel powered cars, it's small non-turbo engine just could not torque the car through traffic. It was passed on the first straight almost as soon as the green flag flew and rapidly fell far behind.

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    Nice read!

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