Hello fellow simracers!

The upcoming 2016 season will be the eighth year of HSO competition. As in the past years, rFactor and its mods will be our mainstream platform for the season. Our racing days remain Wednesday and Sunday nights at Central European Time.

Several championships will be contested, including the HSO Gold Star Championship (now in its second year); this will comprise all the open races held during the year. In addition to the races, HSO plans to increase its web TV coverage, utilizing our new YouTube account and Open Broadcast Software with a series of commentators.


1973 USAC National Championship
After our very successful Indianapolis 500 in 2015, we are expanding to a full 16 race championship with the USAC 73 mod. This will include the "Triple Crown" of auto racing: The Indy 500, Schaefer 500 and California 500. Mid-year rule changes and the Offenhauser / Foyt Ford engine battle will make this series as challenging as it is colorful.

Simulator : HSO 1973 Champ Cars v1.1 for rFactor
Cars : Open-wheel monocoque; 159 cubic inch turbocharged engines
Schedule : 16 oval races held on Sunday nights
Race time: Varying from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on race distance

1978 World Drivers' Championship
David Sabre's fabulous 1978 mod has been updated and refined by the HSO team for a full series in 2016. Several legendary cars appeared during this season, including the ground effect Lotus 79 and the Brabham-Alfa Romeo Fan Car. After the very positive response to the International Trophy in 2015, we anticipate a hotly-contested series.

Simulator : HSO F1 1978 Mod V2.0 for rFactor
Cars : Open-wheel monocoque; mainly 3.0 liter normally aspirated engines
Schedule : 16 races held on Sunday nights
Race time : Roughly 2 hours

1975 IROC Series
Twelve of the best simracing has to offer -- in equally-prepared cars! The classic IROC format comes to HSO for the first time. Drivers will be invited to compete in four races -- two oval races, two road course races. Live web TV coverage is also planned.

Simulator : IROC75 for rFactor
Cars : Equally-prepared Chevrolet Camaros
Schedule : 4 races held on Sunday nights
Race time : Roughly 45 minutes

1983 Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft
With the much-anticipated release of Virtua_LM, Group C enthusiasts will have plenty to smile about in 2016. High-speed tracks like Hockenheim will contrast sharply with airport tracks and temporary circuits. Those with precision driving skills will find this series a great challenge.

Simulator : Virtua_LM for rFactor
Cars : Group C and Group C Junior
Schedule : 6 races held on Sunday nights
Race time : Roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour

1990 Campionato Italiano Superturismo
Touring car racing has always been an HSO Wednesday night mainstay. For 2016, we bring you the 1990 CIS. The two-heat format of this series should produce an interesting challenge -- and the ability to have another go if the first heat doesn't go as planned. Wink

Simulator : TCL for rFactor
Cars : Alfa Romeo 75, BMW M3, Ford Sierra, etc
Schedule : 10 races held on Wednesday nights
Race time : Two heats, roughly 30 minutes each

1972 SCCA Formula 5000
The raw power of F5000 returns to HSO on Wednesday nights! Put your car control skills to the ultimate test on eight legendary circuits. With a razor thin margin for error, this championship will likely hinge on consistency and a smooth driving technique Cool

Simulator : 1972 F5000 Mod for rFactor
Cars : Lola T300, Elfin, Surtees TS11, Chevron, etc.
Schedule : 8 races held on Wednesday nights
Race time : Roughly 45 minutes

2016 HSO Gold Star
Open races will be held periodically on Sundays, and the cumulative results of these will determine the Gold Star champion. Emphasis will be placed on variety, so those drivers who are versatile will enjoy the series.

Simulator : TBA
Cars : TBA
Schedule : 5 races held on Sunday nights
Race time : TBA

Additional Wednesday Night Racing will be the subject of separate announcements, as details are pending.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the HSO moderators (names appearing in yellow on our forum). Please join us for an exciting season!