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I have a 2dof simulator (scn5) and I would like to test the spring harness system .
My first test was not great ..
So, what spring force do you use ?
You can see my first test, with two different spring, but not good ..


I got mine at ACE hardware store. Mine is much shorter than yours, which could be harder (bigger k value. I think it also depends on your actuators. If your actuators are weaker, then may not be able to output enough torque to push the seat far enough. I noticed that
the support points of actuators connected on your seat are at around mid of the seat, not at top of the seat.

Update: If you are using SimX SW, you may need to turn up the Braking-g strength all the way to 300%. Works well with rF2 cars as I tested. But not great on AC cars.