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Thread: 2008 Special edition, or full version download

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    2008 Special edition, or full version download

    Edit. After doing some more reading, am I correct in thinking that rFactor 2008 Special Edition DVD is full version 1.255 ? & so as a result I only need to download & install the DVD F patch 4.86 Mb when my DVD arrives (after installing the DVD ofc)?

    Original post below
    Hi, Ive downloaded the full version 1.255, but also bought rfactor on ebay, the 2008 special edition DVD (which I understand is supposed to be full version)

    Im just wondering which to install (dvd hasnt arrived yet)

    If I install the dvd version, can I then install the full verion as well to update it?
    Im guessing if I install the full version 1.255 (downloaded) 1st, I will eventually be asked to activate it, & wont be able to install the dvd version when it arrives (as its older)

    Alternatively, which download would I go for to update the DVD version?


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    I can't say for certain what version (likely 1255) or content is on the 2008 Special Edition DVD since it was put together by Intel as a free giveaway with their hardware and not intended to be sold. However, if you already installed the digital download version you would already have all the content installed and you could probably just install the 1255 F DVD update after your DVD arrives and insert your DVD in order to play.

    Yes, you'll eventually be asked to activate the digital download version if you keep running it. But you shouldn't be prompted to do so if you follow the above instructions once your DVD arrives.
    Please see the FAQ section for solutions to common issues

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