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Thread: A Very Bouncy Cockpit View

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    A Very Bouncy Cockpit View

    hi there, is there any way to reduce or eliminate the view to move up and down when using the cockpit view? It's extremely hard to see the road ahead when driving at high speed in a straight line with very little bumps on the road surface. I've already put the exaggerate yaw to 0, and head movement to 0, but it still couldn't cancel the bouncy view looking out from the cockpit...

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    Yes there is; go into the "cockpitinfo.ini" and change this line: "CockpitVibrationMag=0.004 // default is 0.006"

    Should do the trick

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    What else may help, is to change 2 settings in your [Your Player Name].PLR file,
    that can be found in ..\UserData\[Your Player Name]\.
    Change the values of these 2 lines (1.00000 is the default value):
    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="1.00000"
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="1.00000"
    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.00000"
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.00000"
    and save the file.
    Be sure that you shut down the game before you edit a file.

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    And just to add to both of those excellent suggestions some have been using a custom plugin found here to modify the way the cockpit camera does it's job.

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    thank you Navigator, redapg and Slamfunk3 for the constructive suggestions... out of those, redapg works the best because I don't have to go into each car to set the cockpitinfo... thank you so much guys..

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