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Thread: Save game?

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    Save game?

    There isn't any way to save the game, is there? What I've tried so far is simply hibernating windows, but upon resuming you can see your cockpit, space, all other graphics, but you can't actually do anything, so it doesn't really work. Is this a planned feature soon?

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    Saving is planned, yes, for campaign mode. But for single missions--I'd have to revise the current system to accommodate that. It's not impossible. I wasn't actually going to schedule in the ability to save until we had the campaign system up and running.

    But, I will investigate what it would take to allow saving a single mission. If it's something I can do without interfering with the upcoming schedules, I will work it in. That's about the most I can promise at this point.
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    Ok, thanks for the info. I guess I'll just leave my computer on overnight then

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    Hmm, while reading this I remember my "sandbox mission" request. I guess we would be happy with a completely empty campaign at this point, if it enables saving.

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