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Thread: A Personal thanks to the creator and an offer.

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    A Personal thanks to the creator and an offer.

    Hey! Hello!

    So... I'm Jhondidfool. I'm a space-obssesed spaniard. And I come from that other game that also has an early access... techdemo? You know which one I mean, the one that has had that said product mainly stagnant for more than a year save for adding support for new DLC and also failed to deliver a second techdemo we're still waiting. Yes, THAT one.

    How to put it... I ended up laughing at the huge amount I had spent and leaving it until they fix the mess. Then I hear about Rogue System and after some videos get it to myself. *Clicks buttons* Heaven... I feel like I'm a pilot in my cockpit. Don't get me wrong, E: D with the oculus is like *being* there... but RS *feels* like being there even with just TrackIR (Haven't tested Rift yet 'cause Win 10 won't play fair with my DK2 for now.).

    Keep the awesome work. You've made what 300 people have not managed to do in nearly 3 years. BRAVO! (Yes, i'm a bit burnt from that other game). So I'd like to personally thank you for creating Rouge System. You and all the people behind it, like ISI and the other backers.

    An advice? A couple months ago would have been a good time to make a second KS with all the disgruntled people on that other game. Depending on what happens this Friday on Gamescon it may still be a good moment. It may be a good moment again next month too, also. Now you've got gameplay to share, and it's all space junkies have been hoping for for so long. Keep up the awesome work!

    And now my offer:
    I do have a dev background, but I'd be at a loss; I can use Blender, but I'm really bad; what I can do is write. Is the lore of the game established? Do you need help with the story (which I understand will come as one of the last parts of core module)? I'd love to help. My first language is Spanish (so if you need translation... :P ) but I have written some things in English here and there on the web. Buzz me if you want to read some (It'd be unpolite to plug them here).

    Again, thanks for restoring my faith in Humanity a bit.


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    I take this opportunity to offer my services as well.

    I'm working as a Dev and I'm sure I can codes something for you if you need help. Also if you're searching for a German-Translator I am your man.

    At this point I thank you very much for this game, it's awesome
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    Thanks for the post, kind words, and offer--they're all very much appreciated. Once all the text is finalized, and externalized into the "localization" file, it's my hope that the community will help with translations. So, absolutely, when that time comes if any of you could help in this area it'd be excellent.

    Oculus implementation isn't finished anyway, so you're not missing anything there. It's one of those items that always will get pushed for higher priority items...
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