I common request posted to checklist threads is "Please include docking."

Here is a thread where YOU (yes YOU!) can save a poor scribbler hours of rewrites by shaping the direction of a written docking ..uh... document.
That sounded better in my head.

To start things off I'll include such fine examples as:

A transcript of the tutorial!

1) Open Channel
3) Local STC
1) Announce

Control, this is XX-XXXX (YOU). Come in. Over.
XX-XXXX (YOU) this is control. We copy you. Over.

Hard facts!

If xO is positive then make xV positive to cancel out the drift (Translate Left)

One "click" forward on the throttle is ~.8m/s of thrust. Decelerating from 40m/s to 0m/s at one "click" will take ~50s and the craft will cover ~980m

Remember, the Z distance is from the station to your docking port. On the FireArc the dorsal port is ~15m from the front of the craft so take that into consideration when translating down while in front of the station. (I didn't get out and check for clipping but I assure you at 15m you get a very good look at the docking arm of the training platform)

Tips and tricks!

Until you are comfortable monitoring all three axis at once, translate one at a time or use different closure rates to give yourself the ability to cancel one direction while not having to worry about the other two. For instance if you are left (X), in front (Z) and above the station (Y) close at .5 m/s, .1m/s and 1.0m/s respectively. Cancel the Y axis when you are +15m (below the station), Z when you are +20m (in front of the station) and X when you are +/-0.0 (aligned with the station)

How nitty do YOU want your gritty?

Have tips, tricks or trivia of your own? Post them below.


But wait! There's more! For a limited time only all responses that only include the word YES will receive one (1) FREE punch in the arm when the game ships!

Offer not valid in the Sol system. Void where prohibited by intergalactic treaty.