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Thread: Rfactor server

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    Rfactor server


    can you put a rFactor server where you can not cheat??

    or is there any way to detect someone cheating in games??
    or tool or something??


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    There are ram cheats out there but as far as I know few people know how to use them. I tried to find some of these so called ram cheats and couldn't even find them. I think most of the time people are wrongly accused of cheating. The longer you race (real life and/or sims) the more you realize that some people just really know how to drive. I suggest talking to people you think are cheating and figure out where they are making up time. Watch their replays. Ask them questions about setup. Ask for driving tips. Rather then beating them up and accusing them of cheating, learn from them. I know sometimes it seams absolutely impossible to match someones time but then after a few weeks of practice and car setup you are beating them.

    Check out rFVCRMerge. This tool can merge one of your laps with the so called cheaters laps so you can see where they make up time.

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    There are easier programes to use than ram cheats which work (which i wont name on here), without any cheat protection it will happen which is why rf2 should have a system in place to detter cheats.

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    you can be sure that isi will always have an eye on this, but i doubt it would be a good idea to discuss this somewhere in the public.
    So expect a better protected rf2

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