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Thread: Gameplay bugs (Any that aren't included in the Known Bug Report)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovusNecrontyr View Post
    Confirmed with not being able to scroll the Transmission Log
    If I can get the navigation work finished up early then I'll be taking a look at this for first update. If not, I'll fix it for the second...
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    Being able to scroll wouldn't be as useful as just setting the transmisson log to auto-scroll to the last tranmission imo, because right now when going for power up to power down it's impossible to read the landing and docking port frequencies because they'll scroll past the screen but it won't follow them.

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    Hi! im new here and encountered a bug i think.. so i followed the tutorial on how to do a start up and followed it through reading every popup and did like i was told.. but then when i get relaesed from the station my "cold gas" dont work and i start to spin like crazy from the decopuleing.. so i though that i missed something so my thrusters didnt start up.. and even after 200m from the station nothing worked and i was spinning crazy then..( plus one popup was stuck on screen that i got decupled and didnt wanna go away) so i started sandbox game and watched a youtube video on how to startup and followed it carfully doing EXACTLY like how he did it. and still when i decoupled i spinned crazy (while his ship didnt on his play) and no thruster worked but for him everything was fine.. so i wondered what is going on? is this a bug or do i just do something wrong? i turned on Autopilot too but it didnt stabelize me at all, it does fire the cold gas as the HUD tells me.. and i think i hear it fire but no effect at all.... anyways, cheer for an awesome game and can't wait for future updates! //Pasta21

    UPDATE: yepp its a bug. cause now i started another tutorial and it all spins crazy. ill reinstall my game.
    2nd UPDATED...: it was my joystick that freaked out and changed one axis start and end location somehow.. like it wasent centred it was off to the left for some reason but i fixed it now... cheers once again ;P

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