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Thread: Current Change Log

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    Current Change Log

    ====== Current Version: eAccess Version EVAS HOTFIX ======
    Fixed: CORE--If the player initiated a disconnect from the platform, and then did an EVA, the player's ship would disappear
    Fixed: AUDIO--Umbilical loop would continue to play if player left ship via EVAS while it was launching
    Fixed: AUDIO--Under some situations, global audio (STC Music, proximity warning, etc) was not restarting after player returned from EVA
    Fixed: MISSIONS--Mission briefing text for target ring rescue
    Removed: EVAS--Temporary restriction that would not allow an EVA while in the process of departing

    ====== Version: eAccess Version EVAS ======
    Refined: The exterior door can not be opened (nor will the airlock depress) while the ship is under acceleration via MES, MTS, etc.
    Refined: The exterior door can not be opened (nor will the airlock depress) while the ship is undocking, docking, etc. You must be either docked, or in free-flight.
    Added: EVAS--simple exterior flood light
    Added: CONTROL--new command binding for EVAS exterior flood light
    Fixed: Improper collision penetration handling
    Fixed: All global sounds (CAW audio, COMMS audio) were not being updated to reflect the "ship" change when the player's EVAS entered free-flight mode

    ====== Version: eAccess Version EVAS ======
    Art: Refined models for interior of Flying Fox airlock
    Art: Introduced new surface methods for interior/exterior ship art (demo'd with FF airlock)
    Art: Created new shaders to support above-mentioned surface methods
    Art: Modeled, unwrapped and textured STOWED version of new EVA suit
    Art: Modeled, unwrapped and textured helmet interior of new EVA suit
    Added: CORE--Introduced the concept of separate interior "rooms"
    Added: CORE--Ship "rooms" can be independently pressurized
    Refined: CSSM--interior ship hatches are now assigned to their adjoining rooms
    Added: New airlock-type room
    Added: AIRLOCK--currently, pressurization is handled automatically depending on door state. When exterior door is commanded opened, all interior doors will close so the room can depressurize.
    Refined: AVATAR--characters now use the atmosphere of whatever room they are located in
    Refined: AVATAR--when within a sealed EVAS, a character properly uses the suit's life support system
    Added: EVAS--system manager code
    Added: EVAS--ability for player to select a suit body to put on
    Added: EVAS--player can not put on a helmet until the suit has been put on
    Added: EVAS--when the exterior of an airlock opens, all worn EVA suits switch to in-flight mode
    Added: EVAS--RCS functionality using cold gas thrusters
    Added: EVAS--cold gas thrusters use propellant as expected
    Added: Ability to interact with exterior-mounted elements such as handles, buttons, etc. Currently limited to what the EVA suit is oriented at
    Refined: AUDIO--initial, rough management of interior audio dependent on pressurization level
    Refined: PREDEFS--EVA suits can now be installed to EVAS stations if a ship has any stations available
    Added: MISSION--EVA suits are now loaded to their proper locations at mission start. Currently, they can only be loaded in there stowed state
    Added: LSS--created prototype EVAS system file and added system load code
    Added: CONTROLS--new EVAS control group
    Refined: CONTROLS--code to handle binding files that have not yet been saved with new EVAS control group. This prevents older binding files from being invalidated
    Added: UI--new "Extra-Vehicular Activity Suit" sub-display, located as part of the "Ship System" control category
    Added: CONTROLS--RCS thruster control bindings for EVAS (translation and orientation).
    Added: COLLISION--interior "room" collision trigger regions, which track characters as they move from one room to another
    Added: COLLISION--exterior "airlock" collision trigger regions, which track when an EVAS enters/exits a ship's airlock
    Refined: CORE--while techinically ships, EVAS required unique code to manage initial setup
    Fixed: AUDIO--once inside a sealed EVAS, audio from "host" ship would no longer be heard.
    Added: CORE--ability for an EVAS to "undock" from its host ship, including updating camera and ship-of-focus elements when the player is inside the departing EVAS
    Refined: LSS--now manages and monitors the pressure/mixture of each room, rather than the entire interior as a whole
    Refined: UI--HUD elements can now be displayed on an EVAS visor (visuals not yet implemented for prototype EVAS)
    Refined: COLLISION--ship to ship collision reactions are slightly improved; but still require more work
    Refined: COMMS--EVAS now use the kHz range 500-599 for their "private" frequencies. All EVAS belonging to the same ship share the same private frequency
    Fixed: AVATAR--character breathing was causing erratic fluctuations on overall room pressure
    Fixed: CORE--collision setting error that was sometimes skipping collisions under certain conditions
    Fixed: CORE--Found errors that were causing only partial reaction forces to be applied in some cases, while too much reaction force applied in others. Not yet perfect, but ship-to-ship collisions are GREATLY improved.
    Revised: CORE--art can now be hidden when associated room is sealed from player's view
    Fixed: LSS--math error was causing pressure to fail below 0.0 when room was depressurized, which caused further errors when repressurized
    Fixed: EVAS--transition error when "undocking" from a ship that was docked to another
    Fixed: EVAS--transition error when "docking" with a ship
    Fixed: MISSION--recording error that was causing hatches to be linked multiple times to their associated rooms
    Fixed: EVAS--suit body was not re-appearing after being stowed
    Fixed: EVAS--suit body was not lighting correctly after being stowed
    Fixed: EVAS--helmet was not lighting correctly after being stowed
    Fixed: EVAS--stowed suit and helmet were not stowing to the proper port location after being worn and then stowed

    ====== Version: eAccess Version CONTROL ======
    Fixed: CONTROL--user-defined joystick button modifier was not working

    ====== Version: eAccess Version CONTROL ======
    Refined: CONTROL--Optimized key binding processing
    Added: CONTROL--It's now possible to use keyboard modifiers (SHIFT, CTRL, ALT) in combinations. (such as SHIFT + CTRL + W)
    Added: CONTROL--It's now possible to use keyboard modifiers in conjunction with mouse buttons/wheel
    Added: CONTROL--It's now possible to bind to the mouse wheel (up/down)
    Refined: CONTROL--It's now possible to bind a command to more than one key assignment
    Refined: CONTROL--It's now possible to bind a key to more than one command (if the commands are in different command groups)
    Added: CONTROL--Command Groups (Global, FPS only[unseated], ship control only[seated])
    Refined: CONTROL--New control binding file format (this will invalidate all currently saved control assignments)
    Refined: CONTROL--It is now possible to bind to half axis
    Refined: CONTROL--Axes can now be modified using both keyboard and user-defined joystick modifier
    Refined: CONTROL--Axes can now have both upper and lower deadbands per assignment
    Refined: CONTROL--Joystick axes and buttons are only processed if a command is bound
    Refined: UI--Control Setup UI code has been updated to work with new command binding format
    Added: UI--On binding input, player can now decide to use the same input combinations on multiple command bindings
    Refined: CONTROL--current states are now recorded for ALL input types; and only a change in state will trigger a binding input attempt. This should fix the issue of toggle-like switches causing false bind attempts
    Refined: File Management--when saving bindings, the file manager now creates a Bindings.ROG file (using new binding format) in the current save game folder. The Controls.ROG file is no longer used
    Added: UI--When binding to an axis, you will now get a message asking if you want to use the full axis throw, split axis (assigns to the direct you moved the control in), or user-defined
    Fixed: UI--When trying to assign the a control to a command it is already bound to, you will no longer get a multiple binding warning, nor will the same control get bound twice to the same command
    Refined: CONTROL--Keyboard modifer combinations now allowed for FPS-type commands
    Fixed: UI--Clicking "CLEAR" to remove all bindings to a command will now keep the cleared command selected
    Fixed: Assigning a user-defined axis range no longer causes a CTD
    Refined: UI--Added a "Retry" option, rather than just cancel, to allow an immediate try when a multiple-binding warning is received
    Added: CONTROL--functional support for toggle/rocker switches (note: not all current commands will support these)
    Refined: MES--mes throttle control updated to support new control functionality
    Fixed: CONTROL--bug that was causing duplicate bindings to be created when control scheme was loaded
    Refined: UI--both the tutorial and COMMS subtitle message boxes scale vertically to match the displayed text. This removes the two-line restriction, which should greatly aid localization efforts
    Fixed: COMMS--menu selection did not work after control binding refinements
    Refined: COMMS--menu item selection keys (0-9) are now bindable, rather than hard-coded
    Added: CAMERA--Incremental zoom in/zoom out commands. The zoom level can be reset by a press/release on the typical zoom in and zoom in (toggled) commands....
    Added: CONTROL--now monitor controllers with bound assignments for disconnect/reconnect states. This may also correct the XBOX 360 wireless "wake-up" bug
    Fixed: MFD--both rotary up/rotary back commands now can be used to select an item on any MFD; and the can be bound to any button/key
    Refined: AVATAR--increased the look-at pick range to 1.25 meters
    Refined: CONTROL--removed several outdated commands (still more to go)
    Refined: MISSIONS--external docking tutorial, corrected text referencing old "trace bracket"
    Refined: MISSIONS--transfer tutorial, minor text change

    ====== Current Version: eAccess Version FELIX ======
    Refined: Main, System and Utility bus breaker object management
    Added: Equipment Bay VMS (currently slaved to pilot's VMS)
    Added: Avatar roll control while drifting (initial--keyboard/button bindings ONLY)
    Refined: Emergency lighting will auto-disable when internal flood lights are enabled and working normally
    Added: Point light for emergency lighting so normal maps react as expected
    Added: Interior and exterior light color can now be defined in ship data file light entries
    Added: Functionality to allow isolation valves to be reset (currently RCM tanks only--will expand)
    Added: Code for visual representation of iso-valve reset state
    Added: Ability for carryable objects to be looked at
    Added: Looked-at, carryable objects can now be "grabbed" using default left-click
    Added: Basic joint connection so that "grabbed" objects move with the player-avatar
    Added: Carried items can now be released
    Fixed: Carried items would sometimes start to wobble in the avatar's "hand"
    Added: Command binding to release/throw a carried item
    Added: Functionality to allow interior system component art to load to their installed position, if currently installed
    Asset: Created model and normal map for MTS Computer Controller art
    Asset: Created texture/AO maps for MTS Computer Controller art
    Added: Installed interior components can now be un-installed (if allowed).
    Added: It's now possible to install components after they've been uninstalled
    Added: LSS AG scrubber system now uses the saturation level of the currently installed AGS (allows for replacement of spent scrubbers with spares)
    Refined: AGS instrumentation now reflects the state of the currently installed scrubber. If no scrubber is installed, then the saturation levels will be maxed out (representing that no AG scrubbing is occuring)
    Added: Ability to click on component "ports" IF no component is installed. If the proper component is being carried it will be installed.
    Fixed: LSS AG scrubbing was not being re-enabled once a missing scrubber was replaced
    Added: Ability to load MTS comptroller to installed/spare ports
    Added: Ability for MTS system to make use of spare comptrollers
    Added: Specific, clickable MTS comptroller port
    Added: system comptrollers now support locking handles. A unit can not be uninstalled when locked in place, and can not be installed unless in the unlocked state
    Fixed: Translation bug when ship parts are being installed/uninstalled
    Added: Missing equipment bay doors
    Added: New UI page to handle all current door control panels
    Refined: Door control panels now use door display UI
    Added: Control nodes to door panels for each flood light/door switch (ONLY where doors lead to a "finished" area)
    Added: UI--code to manage door switch states (opened, closed and in-motion)
    Refined: Added ability to use predefined Leadwerks materials to expand on current create-at-load material setup
    Fixed: Several minor bugs resulting from Leadwerks material usage and instancing
    Refined: Rigid object scaling now allowed (at load)
    Added: UI--AGS saturation displays next to scrubber ports

    ===================== Version: eAccess Version EBART =====================
    Asset: Re-modeled the original space for the Flying Fox's equipment bay to be more complimentary to a zero-g environment
    Asset: Created Equipment bay high-detail geometry for normal mapping
    Asset: UV mapped and textured new equipment bay area geometry
    Asset: Initial AO and direct light map passes
    Asset: Created lighting VFX maps for all equipment bay textures
    Added: SV46 equipment bay now ingame (export of assets and data file additions)
    Refined: Adjusted collision for player character controller
    Refined: Flying Fox flight deck collision

    ===================== Version: eAccess RAD SOLAR OPS =====================
    Reverted: SDL2--rolled back to previous version of SDL in an attempt to solve an x-box controller drift issue
    Fixed: COMM--added a small filter to stabilize OPS data reception at range
    Fixed: MISSIONS--tutorial 6 referenced incorrect buttons for cargo bays and radiators
    Fixed: STC--station would incorrectly tell you your ship was too big to dock with it
    Fixed: CORE--disabling head-tracking in the options menu would not necessarily disable the TrackIR dll check. Now, if set disabled head-tracking will be completely circumvented, as expected.
    Updated: SDL2--Updated SDL to current stable version (2.0.4)
    Fixed: OPTIONS--Control bindings mistakenly used "KB" as an abbreviation for the Numeric Pad. This has been changed to "NUMPAD"
    Refined: MISSIONS--In two of the temporary tutorial missions, the text has been changed from "cycle MTS Boost Throttles..." to "slightly advance the MTS Boost Throttles..."
    Added: ART--modeling, unwrapping, and texturing (70% of final) complete for new OPS satellite
    Fixed: COMMS--transmitters and receivers were always being loaded into the same equipment bay
    Added: Preliminary data file for VoidComm OPS-4 "Overwatch" satellite
    Refined: It is now possible for a ship to operate without a life support system (satellite, drone, etc.)
    Fixed: RogSys would sometimes CTD when loading a ship with no crew/passenger count (satellite, drone, etc)
    Added: Preliminary pre-defined ship file for VoidComm OPS-4 (BASIC variant)
    Fixed: COMMS--receiver damage now properly degrades signal reception
    Added: COMMS--Vehivle Identification Sub-System (VISS) added to COMMS (preliminary)
    Added: COMMS--OPS registration (within 10,000 KM of orbiting body)
    Added: COMMS--OPS signal reception
    Fixed: COMMS--some outgoing signals were incorrectly influenced by ship's receiver damage
    Added: MISSIONS--"OPSSAT" flight task to trigger an OPS satellite to be added to the relevant body's OPS sat list
    Refined: OPS--Satellites will not register with the local OPS system
    Refined: SENSORS--Reordered sensor target lock management to allow for OPS targeting even if target is physically occluded by the celectial body
    Added: MFD: "OPS D-LINK" function added to MFD SENSORS page. Only available when valid OPS data is being received
    Refined: COMMS--By default, COMMS will use the closest OPS SAT with LOS
    Added: ART--Surface tagging method to allow per polygon system functionality (solar panel surfaces, radiator surfaces, armor plates, etc)
    Added: ECS--ability for solar panels to feed power to both System and Reserve buses
    Added: ECS/ART--Solar panel surfaces now generate power based on cell count, max output per cell, and relative orientation to local star
    Added: ECS/ART--Solar panel surfaces will not generate power if occluded by a celestial body
    Refined: BMS--Preliminary battery system power requirements reduced (was excessively high)
    Refined: COMMS--Both Preliminary communication systems power requirement reduced (where excessively high)
    Added: ART--Solar panel deployment motion trigger
    Refined: CORE--Fleet management code reworked to be more efficient
    Refined: CORE--ship to player update ranges modified
    Added: ECS--ability to use solar panel output approximation when ship is out of player's "sphere of influence". Still can suffer from celestial occlusion
    Added: SYSTEMS/ART--Per polygon functional surfaces CAN be damaged (damage application NYI)
    Refined: ART--VoidComm OPS-4 art updated to make use of new functional surface tagging (defined solar panel locations on both the equipment bay and deployable solar panels)
    Fixed: COMMS--sometimes a ship would not register with OPS when it should
    Fixed: COMMS--previous OPS data was sometimes not released, causing a crash when starting a new mission
    Added: TMS/ART--Ability to tag polygons as radiator surfaces
    Refined: TMS--now uses tagged radiator surfaces to calculate radiation in the visible light spectrum, based on relative angle to the local star
    Refined: TMS--RBLC cooling efficiency greatly reduced
    Added: MFD--SENSOR display now includes OPS INFO function. If a selected trace or locked target are registered with OPS, info will be displayed for vessel specifications, owner/operator/registration data, and orbital data (preliminary implementation)
    Added: TMS/ART--Added surface-tagged radiators to OPS satellite
    Refined: TMS--early version of radiator decloration retained and refined. Will allow modders to assign generalized radiators to ships without having to use surface tagging
    Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats to the External Docking tutorial
    Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats to the starting moon and destination planet (MES Transfer tutorial)
    Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats around 3 different bodies (Test Sandbox mission)
    Added: MISSIONS--added one extra station to the destination planet (MES Transfer Tutorial)
    Fixed: TMS--sometimes AI-driven ships would not deploy radiators when they should

    ===================== Version: eAccess TRAJECTORY =====================
    Refined: VMS--All indicators are now relative to the selected exterior camera, making the current display much more intuitive
    Added: VMS--Preliminary Trajectory Corridor Markers show projected trajectory relative to the current strongest gravity well
    Added: VMS--basic trajectory corridor color coding (between gWell and ship, beyond gWell, and escape/impact on last marker)
    Added: VMS--Preliminary Velocity Marker (currently relative to strongest gWell)
    Fixed: ART--Flying Fox ship exterior should now properly cast shadows

    ===================== Version: eAccess APS =====================
    Fixed: NAS--APS (AutoPilot Steering) should be much more stable when time acceleration is used during low FPS conditions
    Fixed: NAS--APS would often not accurately aim the ship at the various aim-at indicators
    Fixed: NAS--APS should no longer cause opposing MTS thrusters to fire, thus causing a fight that would overload the MTS core
    Refined: NAS--APS should resolve steering solutions more quickly and reliably (still not perfect yet though)
    Refined: NAS--"CANCEL"ing a transfer during the burn now disables AP steering
    Fixed: UI--removed "NYI" text from XFER Panel prograde/retrograde inject types
    Refined: NAS--If no inject mode specified when a transfer is initiated, APS will default to Orbit Inject Prograde
    Fixed: NAS--APS should no longer freak out if destination intercept mode initiated with no destination selected
    Fixed: NAS--Deselecting a destination during a transfer will cancel the transfer
    Fixed: NAS--APS was sometimes referencing wrong gravity well destination during certain parts of a transfer
    Refined: NAS--Further tweaks to AP steering
    Fixed: NAS--removed a smooth that could sometimes upset an intercept solution

    ===================== eAccess Version CAW =====================
    Added: MFD--SENSOR page re-implemented using new externalized ship UI system
    Refined: MFD--sensor display is now 3D isometric, rather than 2D Overhead/Nose
    Added: MFD--"trace" (or "bogey", if you'd prefer) elevation lines relative to player's ship (ON-color when above, WARN-color when below)
    Refined: WTC--introduced independent scanning/tracking functionality to laser-type scanners. It is now possible to track one target while scanning for others.
    Fixed: Mission--possible progression bug in tutorial 6
    Fixed: Mission--minor grammar bugs in tutorial 6
    Refined: MFD--added range data to all traces on sensor display (more info to come)
    Refined: MFD--added closure data to selected target on sensor display
    Updated: VMS--moved old trace/target brackets to new externalized ship UI system
    Fixed: VMS--Self-To-Target vector indicators now work correctly when towing another ship
    Possible Fix: sometimes when trying to dock with a rotating body (in this case, the troubled targeting ring) the ships would fly apart when docking contact made. I believe this was caused by a negative force pushing the two ships together and collision reacting "violently" to it. Had two successful dockings after the fix was made. PLEASE REPORT IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN AFTER UPDATING.
    Refined: COMMS--entered frequencies are now confirmed as "valid" when they are entered (rather than when they were set as an audio or localizer source)
    Refined: COMMS--when scanning, you should see the frequency update as the scanner moves through the frequency spectrum
    Added: VMS--when set to TRACKING display mode, the location of any valid frequency entered into COMMS will be displayed
    Added: VMS--frequency indicators will denote selected channel, selected localizer and selected audio
    Added: NAS--VERY preliminary version of a medium range (20 km to 1000 km) target intercept steering mode. Pilot is responsible for throttle control currently!
    Fixed: Collision pass-thru with the target ring equipment bays should no longer occur
    Fixed: Found and fixed two potential crash bugs
    Fixed: Potential UI memory leak
    Fixed: STEAM--"One Small Step" trigger logic has been fixed, and will fire when you cross your next hour of flight time (sorry for the error on this one)
    Fixed: MISSIONS--during the launch tutorial, it was skipping the step to enable the coolant pumps and bringing them up to NORM setting
    Fixed: MISSIONS--tutorial mission had some errant text concerning coolant pump speed settings
    Fixed: STC--STC would not follow proper approach procedure if player docked, and then released, with an emergency clamp
    Added: UI--Invert Mouse option added to GAMEPLAY options
    Revised: CORE--RogSys.LOG file now saved in user's appdata/local/RogueSystemSim folder
    Revised: STC--You can now check in directly with Approach STC if frequency is already know
    Fixed: Bug that may have prevented STC Approach logic progression
    Fixed: STC approach was not assigning docking ports properly. This resulted in all ports being marked as in_RECOVERY after a ship departed.
    Fixed: STC would only check available ports once. This caused inbound ships to be put in permanent wait mode
    Added: STC Approach will notify you at 800 meters out if your docking data is invalid (no localizer set, no docking port selected as docking target, etc)
    Fixed: STC--logic error that might not allow a ship to request docking after having docked, and then undocked, under STC guidance
    Refined: STC--adjusted ranges at which STC notifies the player of docking approach events
    Update: MISSION--docking tutorial mission updated to reflect new STC docking approach events
    Fixed: STC--external power should now be available after docking AS LONG AS docking was performed under STC guidance.
    Added: CSSM--Caution and Warning (CAW) display framework that uses the externalized ship UI system has been created
    Removed: CSSM--Old CAW display system has been removed.
    Added: CSSM--new Noesis UI xaml file created for "default" CAW display
    Added: CSSM--externalized controller file for "default" CAW display
    Revised: STC--a docked ship will be removed from STC Approach control (handles cases where a ship docks with another while being managed by a third's STC)
    Revised: STC--added a wait timer to the "invalid data" approach notice. Now, the invalid condition must be met for two seconds before a warning is thrown (handles brief moments of signal loss)
    Fixed: MISSION--Corrected the description of the LENR in tutorial 3
    Revised: SHIP UI--implemented an alternate update method that will more evenly distribute UI workload
    Removed: SHIP UI--all old prototype ship ui files have been removed from build repository
    Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected LENR bar color-coding logic
    Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected RCM bar color-coding logic
    Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected MTS bar color-coding logic
    Fixed: MTS--Boost deflector would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
    Fixed: MTS--Boost VFX should no longer get stuck "on" when toggling deflection modes
    Fixed: MES--Reverse thrust would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
    Added: MTS--Possibility of boost deflector faults (will get stuck in last set mode)
    Added: MTS--Possibility of auto-idle fault (if faulted, will not idle the boosters when changing deflector modes
    Added: COMMS--Impact damage now possible (transmitter, receiver, decoder, beacon, as well as "normal" system damage)
    Added: COMMS--Caution and Warning fault checks
    Added: LSS--Caution and Warning fault checks
    Refined: VMS--Selected COMMS frequency indicator available in all display modes
    Refined: VMS--Selected trace indicator available in all display modes
    Refined: VMS--Targeted track indicator available in all display modes
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    Feel free to comment on updates here. I'll continue to update the opening post as changes occur...

    I was actually put off the last couple days--wasn't feeling well at all. Still a bit under the weather but at least I can concentrate again . It's really amazing just how much these indicators can help you manage your orbit with NO other info than just which way you're accelerating. With just the pro/retro grade markers I was able to accelerate out to 7000 km above the moon's surface and then set up an almost circular orbit there. The MTS RCS alone should be more than enough for most orbital maneuvering (as you'd expect).

    Because KSP is SUCH a common reference for many people I tried to make the current RogSys indicators SIMILAR, without being a direct copy. I may alter them later, but for now I wanted to make them feel... comfortable (if that makes sense).

    Anyway, now that the indicators are in I can get the autopilot alignment modes working and have something to verify to.

    Edit: by the way, as I move toward the final implementation of the VMS, you'll see that I've moved away from displaying the indicators in the "exterior" view (as I did with the trace and track brackets), to actually projecting them onto the VMS itself. Because the HUD does not fit the entire viewport you will only see the indicators in the forward portion of the VMS (the same area where the docking display resides). This will be addressed in the final designs so the HUD elements can be projected onto the entire display. Just bare with me for now
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    Awesome, will really help. But I assume you are overworked since before the release and now your immune defense system is! Now!

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    we need a scenario/tutorial where you have to go round a planet to find a station and dock or similar!

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    hmm, I'm a bit confused, does this version has been released somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicfr View Post
    hmm, I'm a bit confused, does this version has been released somewhere?
    Version: (Tentative) -- Major.Minor.Month.Day.Year (just the way I've always done my build number). So, you can see I plan on releasing the first update on the 15th of July...
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    Thanks for putting this up - kind of a dev log so we can all get excited over what's coming!

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    Nice thx for the update.

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    ah, ok Month,Day,Year... 'murica Do your physics engine use inches and yard ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicfr View Post
    ah, ok Month,Day,Year... 'murica Do your physics engine use inches and yard ?
    pfft. Of course not. It should be inches and feet.

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