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Thread: Fuel Cell Overheat Issue (Maybe a bug, but not good if you lose TMS)

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    Fuel Cell Overheat Issue (Maybe a bug, but not good if you lose TMS)

    So I have been messing around in the game, and love it so far and have read about some known issues.

    I have not seen this one!

    During the shutdown tutorial you can make this happen or anytime you have warmed up FCS system and you disable the TMS.
    The tutorial helps isolate the issue.

    Finish the tutorial for shutdown...
    all cold and ready to hand off....actually, lets continue.

    I turn main on and maintenance power on. (had to cycle the power switch to sec - main - pri for it to take, BUG?)
    power is on for light only and to see the faults. now we wait.
    TIME ACCELERATE FWD 2x 4x 8x? I DUNO but i click it a bunch.

    The FCS System melts!

    FCS FAULT (Panel goes Yellow!)

    FCS DEAD (Panel goes RED!)

    soooooooooooo it turns out that the FCS system is REALLY HOT and it slowly melts down. Odd since they were never turned on, but to be fair I don't understand how they work.
    Its ok with the TMS on, but can't tell what the temperature of the cells is while the system is off.

    This does not seem to be a bug but rather
    a checklist error or
    they cool to slow or
    the station should provide a coolant loop or
    it is bugged and they should not be so hot they damage themselves or
    maybe the purge feature fixes it when it gets added

    Check it out!
    have fun breaking the ship! ;p

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    It seems like once you turn on the FCS and the core temp comes up, it never goes down again no matter how long you leave it disabled.

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    Since the title matches perfectly, I will bump this one up.

    Version Steam Initial

    The ship was in normal operating conditions, all systems powered on. I just completed a short travel to a moon. Thought I give the fuel cells a go.
    So I disabled all HV Systems and LENR. The ship was draining from batteries (fast). So I tied the fuel cells to the buses, FC2 to bus 2 and FC1 to bus 1.

    All seemed OK but when the fuel cells reached their operating temperature (around 185 F), the temperature began to spread through all systems.
    I disabled a few systems but the fuel cells kept generating about 30kW and therefore the same heat.
    I also tried to deploy radiators and turned my ship so they were not in sunlight but that also didn't help.

    At the time most temperature indicators were red I enabled the LENR and untied the fuel cells.... temperatures came all back to normal within a short time.
    Batterie 1 died at some point in that procedure (was disabled and could not be enabled again).

    So bug or are the fuel cells designed to run only short amounts of time.

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    I also tried to deploy radiators and turned my ship so they were not in sunlight but that also didn't help.
    This ^

    This is in the known issues list. Until this works (or you are on the dark side of a body) the rads won't dissipate heat energy. With no HV, the RBLC's run in low power mode, which is really only meant for emergency use and start-up, shut-down.

    Let me get the radiators to be sun-aware, and see if it works as expected then...
    "There is no spoon..."

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