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Although this isn't a racing sim release, we'd really appreciate a mention everywhere you think appropriate if at all possible. This is a serious space simulator.

There is a full press kit available here: http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/down...v1_eAccess.zip

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Source: http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/20...ccess-release/

Ann Arbor, MI (Jun 12, 2015) - Image Space Incorporated (ISI) and Digits Crossed Interactive (DCI) today announced that hardcore space simulation 'Rogue System' is now available to the public, adding a uniquely study-sim-like challenger to the recently resurgent space game genre.

Rogue System offers true orbital mechanics using proper Newtonian physics, with excruciatingly detailed ship functions and controls matching the levels of Falcon 4.0 or Eagle Dynamics' DCS flight simulator series. With sound design intended to push the dedicated sim fan to the very edges of loneliness, complete with creaks and groans similar to that of a submarine, you'll truly feel the experience and difficulties of space flight.

Developed by Michael Juliano of Digits Crossed Interactive almost single-handed, Rogue System ran a Kickstarter campaign early 2013, but failed to reach its funding target. ISI, an indie developer in their own right, then minimally funded the project to this Early Access stage.

"I'm delighted firstly that we were able to recognize how good of a job Michael had done," said Gjon Camaj, co-founder of Image Space Incorporated. "It would have been an absolute travesty to have something this special run the risk of never getting to market. Rogue System was the perfect opportunity for ISI to get involved in the publishing end of simulations. Michael's passion for space-sims, and the incredible detail put into Rogue System, made it a perfect fit for both of us." Meanwhile, Joe Campana, also co-founder of ISI, offered, "We're glad Michael is working with us - the technology developed for the Rogue System universe is so well-imagined it could be mistaken as a model for a future spaceflight program."

Early Access for Rogue System is expected to last a year, culminating in the completion of the Core Module’s hybrid dynamic/scripted campaign system. Later expansions would add exploration/trading-style gameplay, multi-player, and more. "I've always wanted to play a space-sim like this, and I got tired of waiting for someone else to make one. I'm thrilled that there are others out there who share this need; so Rogue System is as much for them as for me…" said Michael Juliano, founder of Digits Crossed Interactive.

Rogue System summary

Rogue System’s goal is to bring the classic space-combat sims into the modern era of gaming at an unprecedented level of control. It blends the capabilities and usability of modern games with the detail and fidelity of hardcore combat flight-sims. With a simulated science fiction setting, richly deep spaceship management, and intense combat, Rogue System satisfies both the "survey" and "study" sim enthusiast.

Digits Crossed Interactive summary

Digits Crossed Interactive was founded in January, 2013, by Michael Juliano. Its sole purpose was to give Rogue System a proper home, and be the foundation for a dedicated team of individuals with a passion to create a unique entry in the space-combat genre.




Michael Juliano (DCI) - sjuliano@roguesystemsim.com
Image Space Inc. - info@imagespaceinc.com