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Installation and System Requirements
Q: How do I install Rogue System?
A: Rogue System does not yet use a typical installation program. For now, you only need to extract the "RogueSystem" folder in the .RAR you downloaded to a location of your choice on your system. (Note: depending on your windows settings, you may need to run Rogue System in "administrator mode" so that it can save changes to your game-settings and control-binding files). Eventually, a true installer program will be implemented, and you'll be able to decide if you want to save in Windows "User/Appdate/Local", or to a location of your choice.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?
A: While it's too early to give you final specs, we can provide the minimum specs for the Leadwerks Engine. They are:
--OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
--Processor: 2.0 ghz dual core
--Memory: 2 GB RAM
--Graphics: Nvidia/AMD supporting OpenGL 4.0 or greater (AMD graphics REQUIRE driver 15.4 beta or later)
--Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Q: Shouldn't I be getting better FPS?
A: Obviously, this depends a lot on your system configuration. However, Rogue System is still un-optimized, and will remain that way until a proper optimization pass later in development. That said, there are two items specifically that will increase performance when addressed:
1. Currently, the planetary surface shaders are running noise generators every frame. This will be changed very soon so that they run once to create the height maps, and then pass the map off to more common shaders. This should instantly increase FPS greatly.
2. Un-optimized uses of real-time shadowing in the current prototype ship interior. This will be addressed when the final art is implemented.
We fully expect Rogue System will be properly optimized before the final version of the Core Module is released

Rogue System, Status and History
Q: What is Rogue System?
A: Rogue System is a step away from the common–an attempt to take the space-combat genre in a unique direction by providing a hard sci-fi, sim-like experience, set in an environment with proper orbital mechanics and spacecraft physics. Gameplay will be introduced in "Modules". The Core Module (what we're working on now) will offer a hybrid dynamic/scripted campaign in which you will be able to fly for one of three (intended) squadrons, each with their own unique role, and all working together each mission.

Q: What is the current state of development?
A: We are just now entering what we call "Early Access". At this point enough of the fundamental elements are in place that I can begin layering on the actual gameplay and final assets required for the Core Module. Make no mistakes, things will remain rather unstable during early-access. There WILL be bugs, incomplete/missing features, etc. Slowly and steadily I will be working to change this and make Rogue System a completed space-combat/exploration sim.

Q: There's not much content right now, what's the deal?
A: I am a no-bulls**t kind of guy, and I've tried to be as open and honest about the current state of Rogue System as possible, as evidenced here. We enter early-access with VERY little content--a handful of tutorial missions to help you get acquainted with Rogue System and that's about all. There's two key reasons for this:
1. While I could complete a streamlined version of the Core Module on my own (and am under contract to do so), the fact is that Rogue System needs a team to reach its maximum potential. For this team to make a real difference they need to begin working as soon as possible. Even adding ONE artist NOW would reduce my workload by 50% and double the development output. I can't hire anyone without the support of YOU (and others like you) via your early-access purchase. So, again, THANK YOU for your support!
2. I REALLY felt it was important to get YOU and other early-access adopters involved with RogSys as gameplay starts to get layered in. It does absolutely no good to get gameplay ideas and feedback after a game hits Beta. By then the game is almost done and it's far too late to act on feedback. By getting you all involved now gives me the best possible chance to make the most of your feedback.

Q: Rogue System has a publisher, so why do you need early-access funding?
A: Image Space Incorporated has provided minimum funding, which basically allows me to work on RogSys full time. This funding has gotten me to this point, and will allow me to complete the Core Module to a minimal, streamlined version. As I'm contractually obligated to do this I hope it provides you a bit of reassurance that RogSys will become a reality. However, to build even a small team extra funding is required, and this is where early-access package purchases come in. It's my hope that early-access performs well enough to hire the small team I'm LOVE to have, which will give Rogue System the best chance possible to reach it's full potential.

Q: Didn't you run a Kickstarter at the beginning of 2013?
A: Yes, and unfortunately it didn't meet its goal. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one would have to be timing. Both Star Citizen and Elite : Dangerous hit Kickstarter a month before Rogue System. By the time they were finished all eyes (and most wallets) were firmly fixed on them. There just wasn't much support left to be had, especially for an "unknown". The other issue is that I was completely on my own to try and generate publicity, create content for the campaign, AND run the campaign itself. I was spread too thin to be effective. My advice to anyone interested in running a Kickstarter is don't go in alone!

Q: Okay, that was back in 2013. It doesn't seem like you progressed much since then?
A: Not outwardly, no. After the Kickstarter my full-time job required a lot of my attention--Rogue System sat nearly dormant for almost seven months. After that, it took Image Space Incorporated and me a few months to work out the details of the minimum funding arrangement. Since I was working for them at the time, once the deal was made I had to make sure I could gracefully exit my position. This obviously took a fair bit of time. Full-time production began in November, 2013. By the end of January, 2014 it became readily apparent that the engine I WAS using for Rogue System had gone dormant. Using an unsupported engine is bad news, so I had to find a new engine and basically begin to rebuild Rogue System on top of it. This literally destroyed the schedule by about 6 months (which is why early access is beginning now in June, rather than January as I'd planned).

It's been a long, hard road to get here...