When making a post concerning what you believe to be a bug (and there will SURELY be bugs at this stage of development) it would be VERY helpful if you follow these guidelines when doing so. Thanks in advance!

1. Please see the Known Issues post here BEFORE making a bug report to avoid reporting issues that I'm already aware of.

2. Please do a quick search in the Bug Reporting section to see if someone else has already notified me of the same issue. If the item HAS already been reported and you have more information, please feel free to add the info to the current thread.

3. When making a bug report, PLEASE note your system specs. The easiest way to do this is to add them to your posting signature.

4. Try to include as much information as you can: what you were doing when the bug occurred, what specifically happened, can you repeat the issue or was it a one-time-thing, etc. The more information you can give me the better. Posts that simply say something like, "the MTS system doesn't work," will be closed, as I can't troubleshoot based on information like that.

5. A screen capture using printscreen or Fraps, or even better a short video, will ALWAYS help, especially if the bug is visual.

6. Please try to note in your thread's title what kind of bug this is ( "Audio", "AI", "Ship Systems"). If the bug does concern a ship system we have a separate sub-forum for them. Please include which system in particular in the thread title ("MTS", "TMS", "Weapons", etc). Adding the extra description to the thread titles will help me sort through them easier.

7. As noted above, there are specific sub-forums for "Ship Systems" and "Tutorial" specific bugs. Please use those for the appropriate items. As we move further we'll add sub-forums as needed to help keep things as organized and easy-to-find as possible.

8. If you haven't already, please check out the general forum guidelines before posting: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.ph...rum-Guidelines

Again, we are in early-access. Features are in various states of completion (or are missing altogether). There will be bugs. I appreciate your patience and understanding as I work through these items in the most efficient manner possible....