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P: I don't know how to install Rogue System
S: Rogue System does not yet use a typical installation program. For now, you only need to extract the "RogueSystem" folder in the .RAR you downloaded to a location of your choice on your system. (Note: depending on your windows settings, you may need to run Rogue System in "administrator mode" so that it can save changes to your game-settings and control-binding files). Eventually, a true installer program will be implemented, and you'll be able to decide if you want to save in Windows "User/Appdate/Local", or to a location of your choice.

P: When I try to start Rogue System, I get a message saying, "Rogue System MUST be run from the launcher"
S: You can not run Rogue System directly using RogueSystemSim.exe. Instead, it must be launched from the launcher program: RogueSystemLauncher.exe

P: When I click "Launch" from the Rogue System launcher, I get a message saying that "OpenAL32.dll is missing"
S: While Rogue System uses FMOD Studio for audio, the Leadwerks engine (on which Rogue System is built) requires that OpenAL be installed on your system. OpenAL is an open-source audio library. You can find an OpenAL installer in Rogue System's "Utilities" sub-folder. Just browse to where you "installed" Rogue System, then to the "Utilities" sub-folder, then run "oalinst.exe". Rogue System SHOULD launch just fine after this is installed.

P: When I click "Launch" from the Rogue System launcher, nothing seems to happen
S: Assuming RogueSystemSim.exe isn't missing, the most-likely cause of this is that you have a nVidia or AMD video card that does NOT support OpenGL 4.0 or higher. As listed in the system requirements (located here: ) the Leadwerks engine (which Rogue System is based on) requires OpenGL 4.0 or greater.

P: I started Rogue System and set the video to full screen. Now, Rogue System crashes
S: It's been noted that sometimes VERY odd screen resolutions are being recorded. To fix this, explore to where you extracted Rogue System. Look in "SaveGames/TestGame". Open "GameSettings.ROG" in notepad. Find "ScreenDimensionW" and "ScreenDimensionH" and change the values to what you wanted (typically the same as your desktop resolution). For example, for 1600x900 you'd put:

ScreenDimensionW = 1600,
ScreenDimensionH = 900,

After changing, save the file. Rogue System should now start...

P: When I click "Launch" from the Rogue System launcher, I get a pure virtual exception error
S: It is STRONGLY recommended that you have the very latest nVidia/AMD (depending on your video card manufacturer) driver installed on your system. However, in the case of AMD you MUST use their latest release driver: 15.7. The prior release drivers starting from 14.9 contained an OpenGL bug that would crash Leadwerks (the engine RogSys uses) with this virtual exception error.

I have tested 15.7 here locally and it appears to have corrected the issue (as did the beta drivers 15.4, 15.5 and 15.6).

P: On some systems (typically laptops), in full screen, Rogue System will be larger than the actual display, thus I can't see the menu items on the right.
S: Create a shortcut for RogueSystemLauncher.exe, right-click on it and select "Properties". In the "Compatibility" tab, select "Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Settings", and then click OK.

P: I get a crash (CTD) when alt-tabbing out of, or back into, Rogue System.
S: It has been observed that alt-tab is unreliable when in full-screen mod. If you expect to be tabbing in and out of Rogue System, it's highly recommended you run in Windowed mode.

P: With Windows 10, in full screen, the UI is off screen.
S: Make sure the display scale is not set to greater than 100%

P: Some people with nVidia cards (usually using dual monitors but not always), get a crash during load, always at the same point.
S: This seems to be an issue that affects some nVidia users "randomly". A google search for nVidia Error 7 (a timeout error) reveals that this isn't an uncommon issue, and affects users of many games, regardless if they are OpenGL or DirectX based.
--One of our players found that the factory over-clocking for his card was causing this issue. Please see this post for another possible interim fix:
--If the above doesn't help, this article here offers a few other ideas that have been known to help in some cases: Note: Some of this article's suggestions are rather technical, so proceed carefully at your own risk....

P: When I purchased Rogue System eAccess I used a "+" in my email. Now when I try to launch it says, "User Not Found". Help!
S: This problem has been identified and will be fixed for the first update. Until then, if you replace the "+" with "%2b" you should be able to authorize.

P: I get a "missing msvcp110.dll error" when trying to launch Rogue System
S: You most likely need to install the 2010 and 2012 vc++ redistributables. (Note: some people with 64 bit systems may need to install both the x86 and 64 bit versions of each). You can use the links below to go to Microsoft's download pages for these redistributables:

2012 vc++ installer (you can find both x86 and 64 bit versions here):
2010 vc++ x86 installer:
2010 vc++ 64 bit installer:

Note: This will not be an issue once RogSys moves to a true installer. Thank you for your patience...

P: I get an error message from the launcher--"Cannot locate a valid network adapter. Only network adapters reported by the operating system to be an Ethernet or wireless (802.11) devices are valid"
S: Check if Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is disabled. If so, enabling it should correct the problem, as this is required for SOME network adapters to be detected.

P: I can't assign some of my HOTAS buttons or axes to assign properly
S: Some HOTAS systems have buttons that can be toggled and remain in the "on" state. Make sure all buttons are set to "off" before trying to make assignments.

P: Every time I fly to a station, when I get within about 10 km Rogue System crashes
S: Make sure you have the latest AMD or nVIDIA graphics drivers (depending on your card type) installed on your system. As noted above, some people have found they need to do a full removal of their current drivers before installing the latest.