I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to ISI's official Rogue System forum. My hope is that this will provide us a place to discuss Rogue System as it is developed, giving YOU an outlet to express your ideas and concerns directly with the developers. While we look forward to your comments and critiques (both positive and negative), we'd be remiss in our duties as your "host" if we didn't mention a few guidelines concerning expected forum behavior:

1. We have zero-tolerance for profane, abusive, racist, or otherwise slanderous comments or images. Expect an immediate ban if you post such an item or comment.
2. We expect differences of opinion. Again, we happily welcome well-thought, constructive debates and critiques (both positive and negative). However, we will not tolerate personal attacks against other forum users or DCI/ISI staff. People can disagree and still remain respectful
3. As Rogue System moves into the early-access phase of development, we welcome your ideas on ways we can improve it, be they new features or modifications to existing ones. As such, by posting these you are giving DCI/ISI free reign to use them in whole or in part without any expected form of compensation. Sounds silly, I know, but you'd be surprised

Otherwise, if you see a post you think is questionable, please flag it so the moderators can have a look.

I look forward to your direct involvement in helping to make Rogue System the best space combat/exploration sim it can possibly be. If you want to be notified of the latest RogSys news, such as update releases, feel free to also sign up for our newsletter here: http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/newsletter/

Michael Juliano