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Thread: 2 Round Races?

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    2 Round Races?

    Is there any provision to set up an offline season that incorporates 2-round races with the second round started with a reversed grid from the qualifying grid?

    Similar to what GP3 does, though their Round 2 grid adjustment is based on round 1 finish position and is more complex, though if that's possible it would be even better.

    On a related note, is there any documentation at all for the .rfm session parameters? There are no comments at all in that section in the provided rfm files, they are pretty self explanatory, but don't cover if it's possible to make multiple race sessions.

    I could probably kluge something together external utilizing the results files and single races, but it would be a bit of a hassle compared to using what is available in game for a season. Or if someone else has done it that would be great. The addons I found that look promising either have dead links (tracks and seasons) or only do part of the job (Grid Editor)

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    If you play online the dedicated server allows you to place players in any grid position when in the warm-up session.
    Hope that helps.

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