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    Good evening. I downloaded rFactor about 2 1/2 months ago... I downloaded some Dirt cars and some Dirt tracks and have been having a blast. Today I wanted to download some asphalt cars and tracks so I downloaded the Grand Am Rolex Cars, some Outlaw Super Late Models, and some asphalt tracks such as Anderson, Salem, and Bowman Gray. The cars load up fine on the startup screen and I can pick and choose without problem... When I choose load track I am getting .MAS error messages such as "Error opening MAS file CommonMAPS.MAS" and the game force closes.... I even tried a dirt car and dirt track that worked before and Im still getting error messages. I also used the rFactor 1 touch dowload first and when the tracks didnt open, I deleted all the new content I downloaded and manually downloaded the tracks myself... I also used a second source to download tracks such as JCR and when I tried to open the JCR Anderson track I got a .MAS error message that said "Error opening MAS file JCR_Anderson.MAS" So then I deleted all content except the same cars and tracks I was using before the issue and I cant load any of those tracks either. So somewhere along the way I have screwed up... To sum it up, before today, rFactor was working perfectly... I downloaded some asphalt cars and tracks, started experiencing .MAS errors, thought I could try to eliminate it by deleting all new content downloaded, now no track will load without a .MAS error, even tracks that worked previously. Is there anything I can do to fix it or will I have to delete rFactor and reinstall it and start over. Thanks for any insight.
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    The first thing i would suggest to do is, to simply install rfactor over the existing installation.
    That brings back all original files.

    And unfortunately there exist some mods/tracks which overwrite original content with customized stuff.

    Whenever it happens, that after installing a new mod/track something that has worked before, stops working, install original rFactor over existing installation again.

    And when new mods/tracks give error-messages, that is normally caused by bad setting of the relations in the mods/tracks own files.

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