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Thread: AIW Editor - Pit Spot Waypoints?

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    AIW Editor - Pit Spot Waypoints?

    Very frustrated

    Im adding pit stop locations yet they are not getting a way point. Im noticing the other pit stop locations have red lines branching off the main pit path to help the AI exit and rejoin pit road.

    When I add a pit stop location I dont get the red lines and I dont get a waypoint. So the AI pits at the pit stop location but instead of rejoining the pitlane they turn to the right and run into the garage....

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    Is there enough garage spots for the new pits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freew67 View Post
    Is there enough garage spots for the new pits?

    Is the waypoint for the pit location suppose to appear on its own or am I suppose to add it somehow? Theres a marker for the pit location but no waypoint like a normal pit location.

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    When you add a new pitspot you have to add garage spots to it.

    That's what Freew67 asked before.

    Did you do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redapg View Post
    When you add a new pitspot you have to add garage spots to it.

    That's what Freew67 asked before.

    Did you do that?
    I have 3 garages for every pit location. The AI fit just fine in their garages, no problem there.

    Heres an image of what Im looking at.

    When the AI cars come in to pit they drive down pitlane and when they get near their pit location they warp into the spot instead of driving into it. Once their pitstop is done instead of turning left to go back out onto the track they turn right towards the garage and get stuck.

    Heres the original AIW of the pits and how it looks. Each pit has a waypoint with red lines connecting it to the pit lane path so the AI know where to go when they're finished with their pit stop. How do I get those waypoints for each pit location so I can connect them to the pitroad path?

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    Its very easy to piss off the aiw file. This issue for me at least tends to happen when I try to alter an existing aiw file. Not sure if redapg has a suggestion or not, but I would just redo the aiw file. You already have all the garage/pit/aux/starting spots done so that's half the battle finished. You can test the pitting quickly by not setting the fuel for the file. Granted I do short ovals, so starting over isn't a big issue with 15-20 sec laps at most. Did you select a special slow down spot? Doubt that is the issue but worth tossing out there.

    For a laugh, try adding an extra garage spot or 2.

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    I have edited, don't know how many AIW-files for our community championships.
    Always raised the count of Pit-spots to 20 and the Garages to 40.

    And really never had a problem with that.

    I think Holt added new Pit-Spots but without garage-locations.

    Because of that i've asked again if he did that.

    But i have to say that i never used it with AI, and i never had a feedback that the AI behaves strange.

    I remember a thread where i've had a similar discussion.
    The other member told me, that waypoints that you normally have, don't show up when you add Pit-Spots to the existing ones.
    You have to create completely new Pit- and Garage-Locations.

    But i honestly don't know if that can cause the described AI-problem.
    I don't race with AI, so i had no reason to test that.

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    @Holt Can you post your AIW file?
    I can take a look in my private rf1 AIW editor for 3dsMAX (beta).

    My All my MAX scripts

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    Like redapg I have altered many tracks to accept larger grids for league use.
    After adding the pit boxes you need to add garage spots for those new boxes.
    I make sure there are 3 garage boxes for each pit box (even the existing pit boxes) or you have cars on top of each other in the garages which makes for a large mess in the parking area.
    Be sure to click save waypoints often.
    After you have made your changes exit dev mode and start the sim normally.
    Choose the track your working on and at least load it up and drive a lap.
    Now go back to dev mode and you should see the new waypoint connections have been created.

    Edit: When you add waypoints click "find corridors" again then "save waypoints".

    Hope this helps.

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    I've read everyone's replies and I appreciate the feedback

    I think it would help if I explain exactly what Im doing

    I am not creating an AIW from scratch, Im attempting to edit exiting AIW files.

    After running 'b-spec race manager' formula league, Im going to run a sportscar endurance racing league. The plan is for the average race to feature 32 AI cars (16 teams x2 cars), and lemans to feature 48 AI cars (16 teams x3 cars). Many modded tracks do not even support 32 cars, so I need to pump up their garages and pit locations if there is room.

    Right now Im focusing on the virtua LM lemans 1991-1996 track. The track has enough garage stalls for 52, 53 cars. I marked them all out and the cars all load in them correctly, so thats not a problem.. And the pit lane is comfortably long enough to fit the 16 pit locations I need (16x3 = 48 cars). The problem is, when I add my custom pit spots the AI do not pull into them naturally, they drive near the spot, and then warp into the pit stall. The warping is odd, but I can live with it. The biggest issue is when the AI car leaves the pit. The first thing they do is make a hard right toward the garage, not the pit lane. This damages their car and gets them stuck. I've had this happen at Shanghai, another track I attempted to mod. Its weird because if they can go far enough before getting stuck they will turn left within a few seconds and rejoin the pit lane. But they ALWAYS turn right when their stop is finished.

    So the main issue is the AI do not enter or exit their pit location properly.

    Here are the AIW files, the original and my custom

    EDIT: If someone can add a few working AI pitspots to a couple of tracks I need for my series I would appreciate it. I've spent 3 days straight trying to get this to work, and I simply cant. I can offer a little compensation, a steam or itunes giftcard code if you are in the united states. PM me if interested, thanks.

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