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Thread: T500RS noisy fan replacement

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    Actually I didn't understand. Does the Noctua fan go in the same place as the stock fan? I'm asking because from the pictures it seems this is not possible.

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    Check out the PDF in post #10 of the thread i link to and all should become clear -

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    Very helpful, thanks! I've ordered a Noctua A6x25 now. Should be in the mail tomorrow!

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    ... and done. I was a bit surprised to find that the Noctua fan has a 3 pin connector while the pcb board wants a 2 pin smaller connector.

    I used the 3-to-4 pin accessory as extension, cut away the 4 pin connector and joined the wires.

    First test was successful :-)
    Fan can barely be heard and certainly doesn't send vibration down the wheel rim anymore :-)

    Thanks all for the help.

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    You don't need pin connector page.1 ( pictures , web links )
    btw. I am glad to hear that U like it

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    I've just got the Noctua fan for this upgrade. I disassembled my T500 last night to trial fit it but wasn't sure how I'm supposed to secure the fan in its new location. How have you fixed it in place on the motor's heatsink?

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    I placed the noctua also today. Same like tou did, but one big question !

    You mounted it so that it sucks air out of the heatsink. I did it to but issn it better to blow cool air over the heatsink ?

    What are youre thoughts about it ?

    Thanks for the reply !

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