RFN Motorsports presents the 2nd Annual Sim Snowball Derby! The full event is run to replicate the real life Snowball Derby, the biggest Super Late Model race of the year! This year the Sim Snowball Derby will award a 3 foot tall trophy as was done last year, also in addition to the trophy the winner will receive a Quarter Master T-shirt and all 20 starting spots in the feature will receive payouts, if there is less than 20 cars the purse will be reduced! There is no entry fee to race, but we do accept donations. Event information and links can be found below.

2nd Annual Sim Snowball Derby
Date: December 11th
Time: 7pm cst
Sim: rFactor
Mod: Weekend Warriors
Format: Single car 2 lap qualifying, LCQ race if needed, 300 lap feature
Website: http://runningfromnothing.com/motorsports/
All drivers must register for a car number on the website in order to race.

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