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Thread: Add car to more than one menu?

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    Add car to more than one menu?

    I think I know the answer to this one, but since there are so many clever people on this forum, maybe there's a workaround:

    I was interested in putting the same car in more than one VEHICLE menu (ex: ALMS, LMS, Le Mans for the Audi R8R). I know this is possible by duplicating the VEH and texture files, renaming them, etc. and changing the CATEGORY on the new VEH file. But in addition to cluttering up the folders, it takes up more space on the disk.

    Is there a trick to duplicating an existing vehicle in another menu without all this effort? What I suspect is that the VEH file names must be unique, even when in different folders, or rFactor will have a hissy fit somewhere along the line. I tried adding another CATEGORY line in the VEH file, but rFactor just ignored all but the last one. Likewise, just duplicating the VEH file and changing its name added a new car to the existing menu even though the CATEGORY line (and hence the supposed menu hierarchy) was different in the added file.


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    At first let me ask the question why do you want to do that?

    And to show the car in another group of the same mod in the menu you have to:
    - clone the original *.veh-file
    - change the *.veh filename (only the *.veh!!! you don't have to change the texturenames)
    - change the category entry to match the new group
    - change the teamname
    (- maybe it would make sense to also change the classes entry, matching the existing ones of the new group)

    But maybe it would be easier to choose the "All tracks and vehicles" option in the series menu and pick the wanted opponents manually in the menu when you set up the raceweekend or testday.

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    The idea is to select cars from a particular category so it's easier to add AI from that group; if I want to race ALMS cars against other ALMS cars for example. But the same car sometimes exists with identical specs in the Le Mans category (one of the reasons I picked the Audi; it's an example of a car that raced in both with the same chassis); so I might want to switch to a Le Mans practice/race using the same car but exclude the inappropriate ALMS cars.

    I'll try changing the VEH filename and the team name - I hadn't actually changed both, but it makes sense because the team is part of what distinguishes them. Many of the cars were pre-made with the same class entries, so I'd rather not have to edit that value in dozens of cars if it's not mandatory.

    Edit: Sweet! It worked perfectly! Thanks.

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